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Selling used musical instruments - information and tips

If you want to sell used musical instruments, we have interesting information, the right portals and valuable tips for you here.

There are several reasons why so many people are currently selling used musical instruments. So much happens and actually nothing happens in the instrument area. What's new to come? The sounds are so realistic that it can hardly be better and the sample rates can hardly be topped either.

In addition, every musician already owns several instruments. Different models, different features. And yet the online retailers continue to sell new instruments on the market in containers.

The decline of the instrument industry is evident and has been evident for years. A few big players recognized digital developments early enough and prepared for the future, and this is the future we live in right now. In this second.

We look back on the first years of the new millennium. The "0s", the end of print, the explosion of possibilities and the low frustration threshold in times of absolute overstimulation and social self-presentation on the web.

But one after anonther:

For decades, millions of musicians have sold guitars, drums and other instruments and then bought new instruments again.

It goes without saying that you have to keep selling used musical instruments in order not to have the basement too full at some point. Nowadays the purchase of a new instrument is not as common as it was a few years ago. Because in the last few years not much innovative equipment has come onto the market. A synth today just sounds at a stable high level, a Les Paul is just a Les Paul and if you still have a drum set from the 90s today, you put new heads on it every now and then and then the box sounds again. Real revolutionary innovations? Nothing.

Anyone who makes music today can get started with apps, freeware and free sample libraries.

These offer opportunities for which you had to take out a large loan 20 years ago. It doesn't matter that clicking samples requires far less than playing a real instrument. Because the result is simply easier to achieve today.

A few numbers, a little statistics and an abundance of used instruments.

If you think about the fact that some brands in German-speaking countries sell 20,000 guitars a year, that's a big number. With just 10 brands of this size we're talking about 200,000 new guitars. Each year! Then again about 25,000 drum sets, 50,000 keyboard instruments, countless string instruments, wind instruments and and and.

OK, these numbers are estimated and based on statements from the instrument industry. It's just about getting a feel for how many instruments are roughly sold in Germany. Because then you get an idea of ​​how much used goods will come back on the market at some point when all musicians sell used musical instruments because something new has to be found or the old has become obsolete. For whatever reasons that may happen then.

The right channels to sell used musical instruments

In Germany in particular, people like the price advantages of used goods. This quickly saves a few euros and the instrument may hardly have been played and is in good condition. Portals like Kalaydo and Quoka have steadily expanded their position in the classifieds segment over the past few years. Quoka even works with regional landing pages in order to “pick up” users on site.

You can of course still put up a note in the rehearsal room, at school, at sports or in the supermarket that says what you want to sell. This is the original way of selling your used instrument. In some regions there are special classifieds sheets that are available all over the city. And of course the regional newspapers. The advertisements usually cost money and hardly reach anyone. Today hardly anyone reads a newspaper anymore ...

Selling on the web has just caught on. It is easier to place a free classified ad at and sell it to musicians there than to place a newspaper ad. You can reach people from all over the world. And not just those near you.

Incidentally, our search engine does not search newspapers, but rather the digital small property portals. But which classifieds portals are there and which ones does it make sense to post your ad on?

The following overview shows you where you can best sell.


A niche has now formed in the musician forums, Musician Board and Bassic, as well as in the groups on Facebook. These are not direct classifieds portals, but social get-togethers where musicians sell their used instruments. The world's largest music retailer Thomann has been offering its customers the opportunity to post free classified ads on the Thomann site since the 1990s. The formerly up-and-coming musician community, on the other hand, is slowly saying goodbye to the internet.

We will soon publish new guides on how to properly photograph, describe, pack and ship used instruments, which will help you sell used musical instruments quickly and use the money to quickly buy new instruments. The gas. (Gear Acquisition Syndrome) never sleeps!



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