When was the book of Revelation written?

The revelation of Jesus Christ through John


The Book of Revelation was written by the apostle John around 94-96 AD on the island of Patmos, to which he was exiled under Emperor Domitian. This book is the culmination of the divine revelations of the scriptures. It is the book of completion, just as Genesis is the book of beginnings. In heavenly visions the Holy Spirit shows how God Almighty, through Jesus Christ, carries out all his counsels, fulfills all his promises and prophetic words to the people of Israel, to the church and to the Gentiles, brings the judgment of wrath on the sinful world and finally his salvation is completed in the new heaven and the new earth. At the beginning Jesus Christ, the exalted and glorified Son of God, is shown to us in his judicial authority (chap. 1). Then prophetic messages of the exalted Christ to his church follow, represented by the seven churches in Asia Minor (chap. 2-3). These messages expose the church's deviation from the divine path and its decay and exhort the faithful remnant of believers to abide by their Lord and His Word. In chap. 4-19 the realization of the end-time judgments and the kingdom of God unfold in a series of visions. They refer to numerous ancient prophecies, without whose knowledge the book of Revelation remains incomprehensible. The conclusion is formed by the final judgment on all people who have died in their sins and, like Satan and his angels, are cast into the lake of fire for eternal punishment (chap. 20). For the redeemed, a time of perfect peace and indescribable glory begins in the new Jerusalem (ch. 21). At the end of Revelation (22:17) there is a serious admonition to every reader to seize salvation in Jesus Christ while there is still an opportunity. “Yes, I'll be coming soon! Amen. - Yes, come, Lord Jesus! ”(22:20).


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