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Our values ​​and beliefs: Meet ANN-KATHRIN KÖNIG | Know management & personnel consulting as a trustworthy partner!

Our drive, our values, our faith, ANN-KATHRIN KÖNIG | Management & personnel consulting as a partner for Lübeck, Hamburg, Kiel and all of Germany.

Bringing people and companies forward and helping them grow - that is our passion and the task of our hearts at the same time! ANN-KATHRIN KING | Business & HR consulting stands for reliability, creative ideas and fairness.

Our understanding of consultants is based on trust and partnership. With enthusiasm and joie de vivre we support people and projects every day, we enjoy personal development and mutual success. We ALWAYS do our best for this!

The heads behind it

We make ourselves for future viability
of Germany as a business location is strong.

Our drive is our passion

Royal Passion

We dedicate ourselves to people and projects with passionate enthusiasm and zest for life, we enjoy development, development and success and we always do our best. We act on an equal footing and always pass on our knowledge.

King Mission

We inspire and encourage companies to adopt a value-based recruiting approach, because for us this is the prerequisite for continuous economic growth and a better quality of life.

King focus

Our growth strategy is focused on leadership perceiving people as individuals with professional and social skills. We live and transmit the attitude that the focus is on people.

Royal vision

We want to strengthen the economic power of Northern Germany holistically and in the long term and promote the independence of companies so that they can internalize and carry out recruiting processes independently and successfully.

Recruiting 4.0 - that's what we believe in

Today, recruiting can no longer just consist of job advertisements, scanning résumés and interviews. Rather, we are convinced that companies create a successful pull effect on new employees by practicing internal value-based personnel marketing and making this externally attractive with the support of the existing staff. Binding inside, finding outside - that is our 360 ° view, with which we view everything from at least two sides and thus develop an individual solution strategy for companies and applicants.

Economic values

For us, continuous growth, continuous development and the transfer of knowledge are the basic requirements for sustainable success. We keep thinking in new ways for you, keep an eye on all trends and pass on our experience in recruiting to companies so that they can act independently in the long term and thus strengthen northern Germany's economic strength.

We have a great thirst for knowledge, we are constantly educating ourselves and we live quality in everything we do. Every day we experience in our own togetherness how nice it is when professionals work together and different talents complement each other perfectly.

Social values

Thanks to our many years of experience in personnel marketing, we can empathize with people, their individual perspectives and the situations in which they find themselves. We always treat everyone we meet with dignity and respect and bring people together who inspire one another.

Be strong together, for one another! With this kingly mindset, we strive for trusting and long-term relationships in Lübeck, Hamburg, Kiel and all of Germany. Because in times of increasing digitization, networking and dynamic markets, personal relationships are more important than ever!

social commitment

What makes us a strong partner in corporate and personnel consulting?

ANN-KATHRIN KING | Management & personnel consulting is a typical Hanseatic company. We stand for reliability, decency and fairness - both in our work with companies and applicants, as well as in our cooperation. You can trust that we will always act in a spirit of partnership for you. Let's go into the future together!

Team contact

Several interviews were quickly initiated for me - as a result, I was able to implement my wish for a new challenge. I always felt well and competently advised and looked after by Ms. König and her team. I can only say positively about the services of ANN-KATHRIN KÖNIG | Management and personnel consultancy report and would be happy to recommend them.

Fabian H.

For me, there are three main advantages: 1. Speed: I had my first interview within a few days. 2. Support: Ms. König is always available to the applicant as a matter of course. 3. Network: Ms. König knows which company would best suit the applicant.

Florian B. (Lübeck)

In particular, your support always went beyond the pure, technocratic job placement and was always open, friendly and courteous. You quickly and successfully implemented the search for my new professional challenge. I will gladly recommend you further!

Anja H.
Payroll clerk

Outstanding: ANN-KATHRIN KÖNIG | Management & personnel consulting stands out clearly from the other personnel consultants. Great appreciation for your work and your commitment!

Yvonne Peters
IAG Ihlenberger Abfallentsorgungsgesellschaft mbH

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