What does IVF cost in India

India is too far and not so comfortable for egg donation

I am originally from India, but for a long time I lived in Sweden. Because I am 51 years old, I had no chance for IVF in Sweden, even less for egg donation. The age limit in Sweden is much lower than in Greece.

We heard from other people about EMBIO and Dr. Paraschos experience. Dr. Paraschos is a good doctor and his work is very good too. Good and qualified employees work at EMBIO. This is actually the second time we try. The first attempt was a year ago. It wasn't successful, but we decided to come back. Last time we were here for our egg donation ivf. After our last visit, we got a very positive feeling about the staff and the way they work. So they could win our trust.

On the first day we talked to the IVF coordinator about IVF medicine. Then we came back and had an ultrasound scan followed by a meeting with the doctor. Next, my husband had to give a sperm sample.

The transfer wasn't painful at all. You feel comfortable and secure.

My husband is Swedish (blonde, blue eyes, light complexion), but we were looking for a donor who, like me, is southern.

We had thought of Estonia, India or Sri Lanka, but we went according to our gut feeling. I had a good feeling about the clinic and Dr. Paraschus. It is not only that Greece is closer than India or Sri Lanka, but also that EMBIO gives you a feeling of security.