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Imperial Citizens in Russia: The New Soviet Citizens

The red flag is waving over the Kremlin to strong fanfares, at least in the YouTube video in which Valentina Reunova speaks up. The senior citizen of Moscow calls herself the chairman of the "Supreme Soviet of the USSR". On her profile on Vkontakte, the Russian Facebook, she identifies herself as a trained mining engineer. As you can see from her living room, which is decorated in soft beige and earth tones, she welcomes her 30,000 followers via webcam:

Hello comrades, compatriots, citizens of the Union of Soviet Soviet Republics.

Valentina Reunova, senior citizen

"My address has neither a house number nor a street name, my address is the Soviet Union," said a popular Soviet hit from the 1970s. For some Russians, this refrain seems to apply to this day.

In the east of Moscow, in a multi-storey building from the Stalin era, there is one of the representations of this self-appointed "Supreme Soviet". This is reported by the Kremlin-critical newspaper Novaya Gazeta. Vladimir Kladinov, a gaunt former entrepreneur, heads this agency - and is also vice-chairman of the "Supreme Soviet" of the new "Soviet Union". They got together a good year ago, the man tells Russian reporters. One wants to elect "Councils of People's Deputies" in the "Russian Soviet Republic". 70 percent of Russians would support this, says Kladinow.

"Council of Ministers" and "War Tribunal"

The "new Soviet Union" can be found "officially" on the Internet at the address "http://ussr.tech". Right next to the state coat of arms of the Soviet Union it says there that the "Supreme Soviet" of the USSR has resumed its work. There is a list of places where you can apply for a "Soviet passport" again. Contacts are listed from almost all of Russia, from Kaliningrad in the west via the Urals to Siberia. More and more citizens would apply for a Soviet passport, says Kladinow, the "vice" of the "Supreme Soviet". The Russian ID cards are just a "scrap of paper", no more than what the Nazis had issued in the occupied areas at the time.

A "Council of Ministers" is also presented on the homepage. The office of "Minister of Culture of the Soviet Union" is claimed by a woman in her mid-sixties, a classical singer in Penza, a provincial town more than 500 kilometers southeast of Moscow. She calls Russia a "trade organization" and its leaders "managing directors". In a YouTube video, a self-proclaimed "Finance Minister of the USSR" explains that all "Soviet citizens" are exempt from taxes or duties paid to the "Russian Federation Company" and gives tips on how to "enforce their rights".

This "Soviet Union" even has a "war tribunal" - and that has already passed judgments. For example, the president of "illegitimate Ukraine", Petro Poroshenko, was sentenced to death in absentia. Poroshenko was responsible for the coup, war and genocide in Ukraine.