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Coffee before breakfast has a significant impact on blood sugar

By Laura Pomer | October 02, 2020, 6:08 am

For many people, a cup of coffee is part of their morning routine. Especially when you really need to wake up because you slept badly the night before. It is precisely this combination - sleep disorders and coffee - that is said to have unfavorable effects on the blood sugar level. FITBOOK summarizes the results of a current study on the subject.

Researchers at the University of Bath, UK, looked at the effects of sleep disorders on various metabolic markers. Among other things, it was about the blood sugar level. Interesting: Any sleep disorders should hardly have affected the blood sugar. Only in combination with a coffee before breakfast did the researchers document negative changes in blood sugar levels.

All the details of the study can currently be found in the “British Journal of Nutrition”. And here is the press release on the university website.

This is how the investigation went

About 30 healthy female and male test subjects took part in the (admittedly quite small) study. All of them should complete the same tasks in sequence.

• During the first part of the experiment, the subjects were allowed to sleep peacefully. In the morning you should have a drink rich in sugar and calories, which in terms of energy density comes as close as possible to what you usually ate for breakfast.

• Part two of the experiment was more uncomfortable. Here the researchers woke the test subjects once an hour and kept them awake for five minutes each time. After the less restful night's sleep, they received the same drink as in the morning after the first partial experiment.

• In the third part of the experiment, the subjects were again not allowed to sleep through the night. The researchers again disturbed their sleep every hour and kept them awake for five minutes at a time. The morning after, however, started a little differently: The participants first drank a strong, black coffee and were then asked to wait 30 minutes before they drank the sugar-rich drink again.

Does coffee raise blood sugar levels?

The researchers measured the subjects' blood sugar levels after each sub-experiment. It showed that the black coffee drunk before breakfast had increased the glucose content in her blood by around 50 percent.

Doctors recommend keeping blood sugar levels as low as possible in order to reduce the risk of disease. In this context, there are repeated discussions that breakfast has unhealthy effects and, for example, can promote the development of diabetes. At least this is what the current study wants to refute - as long as coffee is only drunk afterwards. The university researchers suspect that the intake of caffeine limits the body's ability to use the sugar from breakfast (mimicked for examination by the high-calorie drink) to metabolize.

Study is not very informative

The results refer to a study with a very manageable number of participants. How meaningful they are therefore remains questionable.

Still, there seem to be some arguments in favor of having your first coffee after breakfast. FITBOOK recently reported on the morning routine of fitness influencer Kayla Itsines, who only reaches for a coffee cup after a balanced breakfast. The reason: "Coffee can suppress your appetite and makes it difficult to tell how hungry you are, so you may not be eating enough."

At the same time, coffee is very acidic and can attack the (especially empty) stomach. In summary, the self-test of whether coffee is best for you before, during or after breakfast certainly can't hurt. Maybe even with checking your blood sugar.

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