What is a good introduction

Hand Surgery: Good Introduction

Hand injuries are very common and the end result to be achieved depends largely on primary care. In this respect, it is important that a clear introduction is also available to non-specialists who are familiar with the treatment of such injuries.

The book gives the advanced training assistant in trauma surgery and plastic surgery a good introduction to the treatment of common injuries to the hand, whereby the careful examination is also well dealt with. In the sense of a checklist, the ‚ÄúTraumatological Hand Surgery‚ÄĚ is very well illustrated and structured according to keywords, so that it has a good place in emergency care in every surgical outpatient department. It is particularly to be welcomed that the very important topic of adequate follow-up treatment is presented in a competent manner. G. Bjorn Stark

Abdul Kader Martini, Wolfgang Daecke: Traumatological hand surgery. Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg 2011, 156 pages, hardback, 99.95 euros