Are Huawei smartphones good or bad?

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Google is no longer granting Android licenses to Huawei and important component partners such as chip designer ARM are ending their collaboration. The Huawei smartphones will not only no longer receive Android updates, in future the company will probably no longer even be able to build and produce its own Kirin processors, as these are based on the ARM chip design.

The difficult and above all unclear situation affects the prices of the current Huawei flagships, as the demand decreases and the value of the smartphones decreases due to the lack of Android updates. The price for the current top model Huawei P30 Pro (test) has fallen from around 790 to 710 euros within a week, as the price development of shows (as of May 24, 2019). If you pay attention to special offers, you can get the P30 Pro even cheaper: The German retailer offers on Ebay Smartbuy-24 the Huawei phone for 709 euros. With the voucher code PRICE OPT5 even pay just under 674 euros! The RRP was 999 euros.

Basically no risk of buying Huawei devices

Anyone who buys a Huawei smartphone that is already on the market does not run the risk of their cell phone suddenly becoming unusable. These devices will no longer receive Android updates as long as Google no longer issues Huawei licenses. The much more important security updates will probably still be available, as Huawei has announced. How long these updates will be available is not known. However, you do not have a guarantee of years of updates from other manufacturers either. These are actually only available on Google's own pixel smartphones.

The fact that there are no more Android updates for Huawei is not so bad at first, because the upcoming Android 10 Q will not bring any particularly exciting features. In addition, Huawei has already integrated some useful functions in its own EMUI user interface - this includes dark mode, for example.

Most of the new Huawei devices from 2018 and 2019 run on Android 9, which is completely sufficient for the next few years in terms of functionality. And the Huawei P20 Lite - one of the best-selling smartphones in Germany in 2018 - will still get its update to Android 9, as Huawei announced on Twitter. So it is worth watching the prices of the last models of the Huawei P30 series, P20 series and Mate 20 series, as well as the P Smart devices.

The Huawei-Google story is still very fresh, which is why prices could drop even further in the next few days and weeks - especially for the flagships. Even if the trade dispute ended unexpectedly quickly and Huawei were allowed to use US technologies again, prices would not rise again immediately. (PC world)