What is the occult elite

Illuminati Blood: The Occult Rituals of the Elite


Allegedly we live in an enlightened, humanistic and Christian society, the so-called western community of values. But our values ​​are all too often trampled underfoot, not only by criminals, impostors and terrorists, but also in a particularly drastic way by the upper class, the elites and the so-called Illuminati. These are the members of a small minority at the top of the power pyramid, who steer world events out of the shadows, and often independently determine the life and death of innocent people - including small children.

The elites are often portrayed in the media as selfless, humanistic and religious, as philanthropists, heroes or saints. But behind the friendly mask of the do-gooder, it is not uncommon for the ugly grimace of the ruthless exploiter to be hidden. They claim leadership positions in society based on their parentage, wealth, or alleged divine providence, and they influence historiography and the media to make us believe that their claims to power over the rest of humanity are legitimate. What we don't or only rarely experience, however, are their dark machinations, through which they reveal their true colors.

It is time to do away with all the cover-ups and lies and finally expose them for what they often are: inhuman occultists, pedophiles and ritual killers who hoist each other into positions of power and protect each other from prosecution.

Nikolas Pravda, the author and operator of the internet blog PRAVDA TV, dedicates himself in this book to these darkest shady sides of our society and its most powerful actors, relentlessly exposing how much the apparently transparent structures of our society are permeated by occult rituals, the rule of law is held in a stranglehold by elitist secret societies and the power structure is criss-crossed by the same bloodlines that ensure continuous dependence, exploitation and dumbing down of the rest of the population. The book includes a selection of the best articles from his blog on the subject, as well as many first-time and current articles with terrifying, exciting and important information to help reveal what is really going on behind the scenes of power.