How can SEO help with customer loyalty

With content marketing for better customer loyalty

There are many ways to make your own online shop attractive and interesting for customers. Content marketing can be a promising approach: It can give consumers important added value, make your own web presence more popular and at the same time optimize your SEO factor. We give tips.

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What is content marketing anyway?

Content marketing is a form of online marketing that aims to approach the consumer through content (and not through advertising). As a matter of principle, this content should contain added value for the customer, for example it can be informative and / or have an entertaining effect. The advantage of content marketing is that it can be used in almost all areas of e-commerce.

Whether interesting information or developments from the industry, product or industry-specific tips, current studies or events in your sector, service-oriented texts such as washing and care instructions for the products, advice on materials or the use of certain articles or groups of goods , Videos, infographics, podcasts ... The possibilities are as diverse as e-commerce itself.

Address your customers with quality content

The most important aspect of content marketing is quality - and that's why the following applies here: quality instead of quantity. Wherever many companies place empty and thus useless texts en masse in order to decorate their page with the appropriate keywords, you should convince your customers with added value. Think about which content your customers might be interested in, where optimization approaches can be found and which content could help your site to stand out from the competition.

When creating the content, you too should make sure that the corresponding texts are keyword-optimized - but not at the expense of legibility or the information factor. In the course of content marketing, always ask yourself the following questions: Who are my customers? Which topics could my customers be interested in? Do I offer my customers added value with the additional content? - If you orient yourself to these guiding questions, you do not run the risk of disappointing consumers with poor quality content.

Make space for content and pay attention to the layout

In terms of content marketing, the actual - and high-quality - content naturally plays the decisive role. But if you are already making the effort to offer your customers interesting content with added value, you should also make sure to present it accordingly and not to let it gather dust "in any corner" of your shop.

One possibility would be, for example, to place product or product group-specific content in the immediate vicinity of the corresponding article. For example: Do you sell groceries? Then add delicious recipes to the product description. Do you offer consumer electronics? Provide tips on maintenance and care.

However, content does not have to be related to very specific articles. Another possibility is to open your own category with “Tips and Tricks”, “Advice” or “We will inform”. Here, for example, there is space for videos or infographics, advice texts or reports that could be of interest to your customers. Do not be afraid: content marketing is a creative area that opens up many possibilities.

However, when integrating the content, make sure that the layout is adapted to your online shop. Because there should be a uniform picture of your side.

Content marketing as an opportunity in the social media area

Another advantage of content marketing is that it can not only "pimp" your online shop and make it more interesting. You can also bring the relevant content to consumers via your social media accounts such as Facebook or Google+. In this way you show that you are staying on the ball and actively working on customer loyalty. Here you have the opportunity to receive direct feedback on your interesting and high-quality content and to react to constructive criticism.

Amorelie on content marketing

The Amorelie erotic shop also offers its customers a category called “Magazine” in addition to the normal range. In addition to videos and advice on everything to do with the erotic industry, consumers will also find a column here. - In an exclusive interview with the company, OnlineshopNews found out that the makers of Amorelie have received an extremely positive response from their customers:

“It is very important to us not only to sell products, but also to inform and advise our customers. We notice from our great feedback that there is a need for serious content and the questions are there. Our magazine and the advisory service are therefore very well received. It is not difficult for our qualified team to deliver good content and exciting lifestyle topics here, because that is exactly our message: an intact love life is self-realization and is now part of lifestyle, or as we call it "love style". "

This example shows that good content marketing can also work well with more specialized product groups.

Conclusion on content marketing

As an online retailer, you can differentiate yourself from the multitude of competitors with the help of well thought-out content marketing strategies. You show interest in the customer, in the service-oriented performance of your shop and are therefore able to make your own company more popular and promote customer loyalty.

Although e-commerce is far too broad to give general tips and “all-effective secret recipes”, there are certainly ways to present quality content to customers in all sectors of online trade. Be creative and be inspired by your customers and your range! I wish you success!