How do you find a vegetarian diet

People who follow a vegetarian or vegan diet, "says Sheth," generally have a lower BMI (so they are less likely to be overweight), healthier blood pressure and blood sugar levels, less chronic inflammation and lower cholesterol levels compared to non-vegetarian people. "

Eat vegetarian - nutrition plans

If you want to change your diet to a vegetarian or vegan diet, but don't know exactly how to do it, you can easily contact a holistic nutritionist and have an individual nutrition plan drawn up that includes all nutritional and vital substances and can lead to the health goals mentioned.

You can also find suggestions for a delicious vegetarian and wholesome nutrition plan here: Vegan nutrition plan or here: Vegan and low carb nutrition plan

Vegetarian is also a good solution for children

Vegetarian diets are also very well suited for children and adolescents; yes, they help young people to establish a healthy basis for later life, as a vegetarian diet in adolescence - according to the academy's authors - means that you are less likely to eat later suffers from chronic diseases.

In this context, the Academy authors point to studies that show that children and adolescents who follow a vegetarian diet are much less likely to be overweight than their meat-eating peers.

The advantages of a vegetarian diet in childhood include eating a lot more fruits and vegetables, eating fewer sweets, fewer unhealthy fats and fewer salty snacks. These factors alone lead to healthier teeth, a healthy weight and an excellent supply of phytochemicals. "

Plant-based nutrition - the best of all forms of nutrition for the environment

Benefits for the environment are not forgotten either. In this regard, the Academy reports that a vegetarian diet, which lowers greenhouse gas emissions by 29 percent, and a vegan diet does this by 50 percent.

This is because vegetarian diets require less water, less fossil fuels, fewer pesticides and less artificial fertilizers than diets based on meat and other animal foods.

Take the kidney bean, for example. To produce 1 kilogram of kidney beans you need 18 times less land, 10 times less water, 9 times less fuel, 12 times less fertilizer and 10 times less pesticides than you need to produce 1 kg of beef. At the same time, the kidney bean is a high-quality source of protein that can also make meat superfluous from a nutritional point of view.

Vegetarian Diet - Better Than Medication

The conclusion of the American Academy of Dietetics therefore reads as follows: Vegetarian diets can protect both health and the environment. And this is how you read the final sentence in the Academy's paper:

If you could get a plant-based diet or its effects packaged as a pill on prescription, this remedy would develop into a blockbuster overnight, since the plant-based diet donates so much energy to the human body and at the same time takes so little energy away from our planet. "
Which other drug improves the metabolism so well, lowers blood pressure so sustainably, stabilizes blood sugar so permanently and lowers the cardiovascular and diabetes risk as convincingly (and without side effects) as the vegetarian and vegan diet? "

If you are interested in a comprehensive supply of nutrients and vital substances in a plant-based diet, you will find the information you need here: 14 rules for a healthy vegan diet

You can also use our healthy recipes, which will be very beneficial for your health.


Distance training to become a holistic nutritionist

Are you interested in what's in our food and want to know how nutrients and vital substances affect the body? Do you want a healthy life for yourself, your family and fellow human beings? Nutritionists are popular - but the holistic aspect that is needed for sustainable health is often forgotten when giving advice. At the Academy of Naturopathy, you will get to know the connections between lifestyle and diet as well as physical and psychological well-being.

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