Why don't you write answers

She doesn't write back Because you keep making these 5 + 1 mistakes

You wrote to her.

You may see that she saw your message.

And she doesn't write back!

An uneasy feeling arises.

You wait a little.

3 min.

And look at the cell phone again.


You say to yourself, “Okay. She'll be busy. "

5 min.

You look at the phone again.

Again Nothing!

Take a deep breath.

To go shopping.

20 minutes later.

Still Nothing.

And while your inner voice tries to calm you down, your feelings go crazy.


Did you do something wrong Should you have written something else? And what can you do now that she will write back to you?

In this article, I'll explain the 5 + 1 most common mistakes men make when chatting and, at the same time, I'll tell you a surefire strategy how they'll write to you again.

It is best to start with this video, in which I summarize the most important points of the article. I will give you valuable answers to the question: "Why doesn't she write back?":

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You won't miss any of our videos again. Click the red YouTube button to subscribe to Strengthen Manhood:

First of all you may understand:She doesn't write back because you made one of those mistakes.

Table of contents of the article

Reason # 1: You were too needy

You don't write back on Whatsapp and Co.?

Then please imagine this scenario:

You wake up on Monday morning and are looking forward to a really great day. Get up, have a large glass of water and off you go jogging for 30 minutes into the sunrise. Then take a shower and have a good breakfast.

On the way to work, you talk to your best buddies on the phone and make an appointment for the evening.

At work you do what you love. You are fully involved and with your role model you motivate your teammates to get more out of themselves. At lunchtime there is delicious food with your colleagues.

Then sit back for another four hours and finish this one important task. Another good day at work! Well-deserved closing time.

When you get home, you help your neighbor to carry the heavy shopping bags upstairs. Hurry up now. You want to be in the gym in 20 minutes.

That's where things really get down to business. Your best buddy is in really good shape and beats you 4 to 3 sets in squash. "Man! Was that close. "

On the way home, 6 more beers and your friend Tommy are bagged.

Here we go! Playstation 4 is being played tonight.

After your friends have left, you fall into bed completely exhausted and write to Bettina: “Hey beautiful woman! It was really nice to have met you on Saturday. As I said, we should repeat that. But I always have to plan something in advance. Would you like to come to the theater on Friday or go jogging around the lake next Monday evening? "

Friday or Monday are your only free appointments in the next 10 days. You go to the cinema, practice with your theater group, meet up with Marlene, get involved in charity, do something with your buddies and ...

... HEY! You just need some time for yourself a few evenings.

End of scenario.

What can you learn from this scenario?

Yes exactly!

Most men who don't succeed with women are left hanging out at home all the time. And if you do get to know women and this time get a phone number, they are:

(1.) Always available and respond promptly and in detail to any of your messages.

And (2.) write way too much trivial stuff that doesn't interest them at all.


Because they have a job that frustrates them. Because they have superficial friendships. Because in the bottom of their hearts they are unhappy.

And they believe that a friend could save them from this misery.

Women notice this subliminal need. Also via Whatsapp. And because of this need they don't write back.

Do not worry!

You don't have to have a perfect life now to conquer a woman.


If your work sucks, find a new job. If your friends are shallow, find new ones. If you are unhappy inside, get out more in the sun.

Do something. Change something!

That is proactive masculinity. And women find that very attractive when chatting too.

You won't miss any of our videos again. Click the red YouTube button to subscribe to Strengthen Manhood:
You won't miss any of our videos again. Click the red YouTube button to subscribe to Strengthen Manhood:

"Does she write back hours after hours or she doesn't answer?" It doesn't matter: you dedicate yourself to your life because you've done your part. It is now her turn.

If you have an attractive lifestyle, you don't have to wait like a cat in front of the mouse hole for it to write.

All of our functioning flirting techniques and violent seduction strategies work twice or three times as well when this proactive masculinity is lived. There are a few very special ways in which you can develop your flirting skills and masculinity at the same time and thereby massively accelerate your development. Take a look at our free e-mail lessons on the subject of »Online Dating 2.0«, in which we have the space to go into more detail.

Reason # 2: You didn't ask her out on a date

Small thought experiment:

Remember the last time you peed while standing.

What did you have in your hand

Exactly. Your penis.


Yeah yeah When peeing, it is clear to all men that they have a penis. But some men seem to forget that while flirting.

You have interesting chats, make the woman smile and even manage to get the woman to actively ask questions.

But they just never ask directly after a date!

It is as if they are forgetting why they are actually chatting with the woman.

Why all the chatting?

Yes exactly! Because we would like to have a real meeting with the woman. Because we might want to kiss the woman really well at this meeting. And! Because we (also) would like to shove our penis into this woman.

To get this chain of seduction going, you have to ask the woman out on a date.

Women lose interest in writing if you don't specifically ask them to meet in person.

Don't try to wait for the perfect moment. There is no such thing as a perfect moment. Ask her out on a date right away!

You can find out how to do this in this video:

Reason # 3: You are giving up the lead

Some men make another mistake when chatting by giving up the conversation.

"Just get in touch when you have time." Or "What do you want to do?" Are sentences to which women usually do not answer.

Take the male lead. Suggest dates for her. Say what you feel like doing and invite them to do it.

She doesn't write of her own accord: “Hey, I want to bowl on Saturday, pick me up at 5:00 p.m.”. In over 97% of the cases, you have to take the initiative.

So take the lead. Women like it. Not just in bed. 😉

Reason # 4: You're writing boring or serious stuff

"And? So, how are you?"

"What are you doing today?"

"Hmm, stupid weather."

And Schwuppdiwupp: The girl no longer writes. Why?

This is boring. Flirting this way is like trying to make someone laugh with horror movies.

Yes, it works every now and then. But it is much more likely that you will fail.

Better to write things like:

  • Have you ever been to the usa? … Which cities can you recommend? I want to be in the States for a month next year.
  • Boa. My buddy Andre just finished me off playing squash. I really need to practice more. Have you ever played squash?
  • Look out the window. It's a full, blatant sunset right now.

That's a hundred times better than: "What are you doing?"

This is also a hundred times better than any serious conversation about your depression, the overall political situation or how negative the world always is.

You conquer the hearts of women with fun, adventure and reliability. So definitely not with the topics from the Tagesschau! (Exceptions prove the rule)1)If you want to experience exciting adventures, check out our workshops and trips

Reason # 5: Reasons that have nothing to do with you

Everyone has a bad day. We are unjustifiably pissed off by our boss, our favorite show has just been canceled or our favorite hamster Egon has died of old age.

On days like this I like to hide in my bed and turn off my cell phone. I just don't feel like seeing or hearing another person now. I don't even open the door to the postman. Let him throw a note in the mailbox.

And you know what? I'm not the only person who has a bad day every now and then and doesn't feel like writing back. Point. End. Out.

Many men ask themselves in frustration: "Why don't women write back right away?"

But there are a thousand ways why she doesn't answer right away.

  • Maybe her ex (whom she still has feelings for) got in touch with her again.
  • Maybe her grandmother got sick.
  • Maybe she's got a cold sore on her lip and feels like the ugliest woman in the world.
  • Maybe she lost her favorite earrings and is turning half the apartment upside down.
  • Perhaps she has discovered her bi-sexual streak and is just letting the breathtakingly good-looking Bianka lick her pussy properly.
  • Or maybe their hamster Egon actually died.

She doesn't write back? There are thousands, if not millions, of reasons why this is so. And maybe none of these reasons have anything to do with you.

The dumbest thing you can do right now is bombard them with text messages and phone calls. Because with that you might even take the chance for the hottest sex of your life, with your loved one and Bianka in a double pack.

So put your cell phone down, drum up your men and go play squash.

By the way. If you keep asking a woman out on a date but she always doesn't have time, sometimes it is time to forget about the woman. I never ask a woman out on a date more than three times.

You can find out why in this video:

You won't miss any of our videos again. Click the red YouTube button to subscribe to Strengthen Manhood:
You won't miss any of our videos again. Click the red YouTube button to subscribe to Strengthen Manhood:

Woman does not write back: She is not interested

The last video hits the nail on the head! If a woman does not respond after repeatedly writing to you, then you don't need to look any further for your mistake.

The woman doesn't write by herself even though you keep investing in the conversation? Then I can tell you this:

She no longer writes back because she is not interested - it's easy! Either because she's distracted right now or you just aren't her type.

Either way, it's best to move on and leave them behind. Stop wasting your time with a woman who doesn't invest equally in you.

What to write if she doesn't answer?

To let go.

There are so many willing women out there. Just write or talk to the next one.

Reason # 6: You didn't make an impression

Hey man! Let me tell you a secret. A little technique. A method with which you can have the most boring life (reason # 1), not ask them out on a date (reason # 2), give up the tour (reason # 3) and just write: "What are you doing?" ( Reason # 4 why she doesn't usually text you back.)

And if you've used that one technique correctly, it will answer you:

"Oh. Nothing special. Do you have any plans tonight? I feel like cooking and watching a movie. Are you bringing the wine? "

By the way: Real story!

Why did Miriam write back to me even though I've made every chat mistake in the world?

Because I made a lasting impression on her in the real world.

She's not writing back - what you have to do now

There are a few things to look out for when chatting with a beautiful woman.2) A guide to online dating can be found in our article: Writing to women made easy - 6 universal laws of online dating. But they can be summarized in a few key points:

  1. Don't always write back straight away, don't write expressions of love, don't write long texts. (I'd rather have a great real life!)
  2. Ask her out on a date quickly (at least within the first 20 text messages).
  3. Actively invite them to cool events and take the lead.
  4. Don't write boring stuff like: "How are you?" Rather: "Did you have such a great day with exercise, fresh air, sunshine and delicious food?" (And if she says no, invite her to such a great day! )
  5. She doesn't write back? Stay calm. Maybe your hamster died.

If you pay close attention to these 5 things, you are doing a lot right.

What you still need now to be successful with women is not particularly sophisticated sentence acrobatics. Or a cool chat game.

None of this will help you when you're on a real date anyway.

What you need now are real seducer skills.

Hey man!

If you can make a woman laugh in real life ...

When their eyes shine because you tell about your adventures ...

If she trusts you because you exude confidence ...

... then you can use Whatsapp and co. to chat. She'll still meet you, kiss you, and have sex with you.

Why? Because you showed real seductive qualities.

These properties can be learned!

Thousands of men have already proven this.

No matter how you look. No matter how old you are. No matter how shy you are. You can learn to meet and seduce women anytime, anywhere.


However, if that is still too far for you at the moment, I would definitely like to recommend the following to you:

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