Fish in the middle of the day

Catfish fishing during the day

Catfish fishing during the day

Catfish fishing during the day - catfish are nocturnal fish, so it is hardly surprising that they are mainly fished at night. However, to catch these fish it is not absolutely necessary to spend the night around your ears, because you can catch them in daylight if you know where and how. And that's exactly what we want to bring you closer to you with this article, namely catfish fishing during the day.

Catfish fishing during the day - how does the catfish behave?

Before it can be clarified how to catch the catfish during the day, it must first be considered where they can be found during the day phases. Since a catfish is a dark-loving fish, as long as it is light it looks for places where it can rest in secret. There are of course exceptions, for example in spring when the big black predatory fish visit shallow water areas to soak up the sun. However, they are usually found during the day in deep holes and gullies, at the foot of the stone packing, in dead wood, under water lily or herb fields, on bridge piers, under jetties and wherever they can find cover. You could also say they are in their stand during the day and therefore catfish angling during the day mostly means pure stand fishing.

Catfish fishing during the day - how do you go about it?

First of all, for successful catfish angling during the day, you should go to places where there is a high probability that catfish will be deposited, preferably larger gatherings. The potential locations mentioned above can be examined with the echo sounder. Once you have found a place with one or more catfish, it is a matter of placing the assemblies as precisely as possible. These fish can be very sluggish when they are resting. A bait that is not placed in close proximity to the catfish in such a situation will in most cases not get an attack. Half a meter can make all the difference. It is therefore important to place the bait as close as possible to the resting catfish in order to be able to successfully fish for catfish during the day.

Catfish fishing during the day - which assemblies are used?

There are various methods of fishing for catfish during the day. On the one hand it is possible to actively catch the catfish, on the other hand stationary angling methods can also bring success. Admittedly, the active angling methods, which include vertical angling, tapping and spin fishing, are clearly ahead of the field when it comes to daytime catfish angling. This is because you can search much larger parts of the water with them, which increases the likelihood of finding a resting catfish. With stationary catfish angling during the day, you only fish a certain area and you have to hope to hit the mark right there. This can work, but it can also end unsuccessfully. If you want to catch fish with stationary fishing methods while fishing for catfish during the day, you should therefore find out exactly whether catfish are actually present at the targeted spot and make every effort to put aside the assembly as precisely as possible.

Catfish fishing during the day - what are the advantages?

The advantages of fishing for catfish during the day are obvious. You catch your fish in daylight, you don't have to go out into the water at night and you don't have to worry about the nights. Nothing stands in the way of cozy barbecues and relaxed nights. Even laws that prohibit night fishing for catfish are no longer a problem, as you do not need these periods of time to get to your destination. However, it is also the case that a lot of what is for many catfish angling is lost as a result. Sleepless nights, drills in total darkness in the middle of the river and the indescribable feeling of adventure.

Catfish fishing during the day - which fish can be expected?

If you try your luck with catfish angling during the day, you always have to expect everything. Since you mainly fish directly at the stand and in most cases there are many different fish there, it is never pre-programmed which of these catfish will take the bait. Excitement until the last second, so to speak, with the constant prospect of one of the greats. It can also happen that the feeding times of the fish shift in waters in which the catfish are mainly fished at night. This means that the catfish, who normally eat at night, have learned that negative experiences predominantly occur at night. However, they do not associate any danger with the prey fish or the bait they take in during the day.