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Jacob's Creek

Freshly arrived on the Australian continent, the Bavarian Johann Gramp acquires a piece of land that is ideally suited for viticulture. In 1847 he established his first winery in Jacob's Creek, a town in the Barossa Valley. Today, 160 years later, Johann Gramp's winery can still be visited while the name Jacob's Creek stands for the most famous and globally recognized Australian wine. Johann Gramp quickly realized that the South Australian climate of the Barossa Valley offers ideal conditions for the production of quality wine. Today Jacob's Creek vineyards are spread across nine wine regions east of Adelaide. This variety of cultivation areas allows an optimization of the quality and the taste retention of the wines. Only those grapes are picked that have reached the ideal level of ripeness for the vintage. The chief oenologist Philip Laffer was named Wine Expert of the Year in Australia in 2002. He was honored not only for his successes with the Orlando Wyndham wines, but also for his services to the Australian viticulture as a whole. Jacob‘s Creek's philosophy is simple: to offer the customer guaranteed enjoyment. This is made possible by a selection of wines, all of which are produced with the utmost care, from the grape harvest to bottling. Modern winemaking is also taken into account, which favors the fruit, smoothness and freshness and enables drinking without long storage in the cellar. Jacob's Creek also has a large range of grape varieties that are suitable for all occasions and always offer an excellent price / performance ratio.

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