What is the adjective of quality

quality conscious


The prices are steep, but the fact that quality has its price has never scared Swiss people. They even eat quality-consciously at the mountain hut. [Die Welt, 09.06.2018]

In our core target group of brand and quality-conscious consumers in particular, there is a high percentage of customers who specifically buy mineral water in glass bottles. [Die Welt, 01.06.2016]

A new seal is to distinguish high-quality businesses, make them known and offer visitors a decision-making aid [headline] Niederösterreich-Werbung is presenting a new seal of approval that is intended to bring together quality-conscious providers and guests from across the region. Under the new seal, guests will find businesses from the entire tourism industry. [Der Standard, 04/22/2013]

[...] "Instead of concentrating on quality-conscious customers, everyone is now only targeting the bargain hunters who don't feel tied to any retailer or brand" [...]. [Die Welt, 02/06/2004]

The Carinthian Tourism Commissioner is pleased that things are generally looking up again [...], who naturally hope to attract more quality-conscious guests to the state with regional viticulture [...]. [Der Standard, 24.11.2014] unusual.

The meticulous control of food production and processing makes its own products 15 to 20 percent more expensive than those of the competition, admits the pioneer of organic farming. Since parents are probably the most quality-conscious customers at all, this surcharge is accepted. [Der Tagesspiegel, 29.09.1999] unusual.

»My customers only fly with modern aircraft. [...] The vacationers are amazingly quality conscious. There are hardly any one or two star hotels in the catalogs. «[Die Zeit, 07/12/1996, No. 29] invalid spelling

A new scourge of viticulture has spread to an alarming extent in France in recent years, a fungal disease of the vine called eutypiosis. Apart from Champagne [...] all French wine-growing regions are affected, especially the Cognac region and - to the horror of demanding wine drinkers - also the quality-conscious chateaux in the Bordelais, the traditional wine-growing region around Bordeaux. [Der Spiegel, 04/23/1990] invalid spelling