Do the students need homework

research : Is homework still necessary or long out of date?

Motivation is crucial

The fact that homework is not particularly effective for primary school students was also shown by the much-noticed empirical study by New Zealand pedagogue John Hattie. In order to filter out essential factors for learning success, Hattie evaluated 50,000 studies with more than 80 million students from different countries. He summarized the results in his book “Make learning visible”, published in 2009.

Homework therefore ranks far behind among the mathematically determined success factors. However, Hattie has identified differences between elementary schools and high schools. According to Hattie, the effect on learning performance at high school is twice as high as at junior high school, and for junior high school it is twice as high as at elementary school.

The researchers at the University of Tübingen took a closer look at the circumstances under which homework is useful for secondary school students and gained an astonishing finding: it is not the time students spend on homework that is decisive, but motivation, it says in of the study published in 2015. Whether students learn successfully with their homework depends on how much care they take and how efficiently they work.

The educational researchers succeeded in identifying five types of homework among the pupils: “the hard-working fast ones”, “the highly committed”, “the average pupils”, “the hard-working learners” and “the minimalists”. Homework is therefore particularly critical for those who belong to the “struggling learners”. You can ponder a task for a very long time and still get no better results than the minimalists who hardly spend any time on homework. It is important to support these learners in such a way that they can cope with a task quickly and with fun. Because homework is reflected in good grades, especially with the “hard-working fast ones”. The willingness to make an effort can be increased, for example, if it is made clear to the students why the task is important.