Has anyone ever choked on a lifesaver?

Fireman saves a guest from suffocating at his wedding.

Cody and Kelly Campbell are over the moon. Surrounded by friends and family, they celebrate their wedding in a rustic country club in Rancho Santa Margarita, in the US state of California, and everything is perfect.

Cody is a firefighter for the city of Los Angeles, and while some of the guests are giving speeches, one of his friends also says, “If I ever need the help of a firefighter, I hope it can be you or someone like me you."

While the bridal couple laughs and applauds together with the other guests, no one suspects how serious the situation is about to get. During another wedding speech, Cody suddenly hears his mother scream.

Youtube / Inside Edition

A lady sticks a piece of her steak in the throat. She is desperate for air and her face turns dark. "She suffocates, she suffocates!" Cody can understand, jumps up from his chair and storms without thinking in the direction his mother is pointing.

Youtube / Inside Edition

He is with her in seconds, grasps her from behind and uses the Heimlich maneuver - a technique with which you can free a person's airways if something threatens to suffocate them.

The emergency aid works, the woman spits out the piece of meat and can breathe again. The relieved society makes the groom cheer and his bride shines with pride in her hero.

One of the wedding guests filmed the celebration and captured the dramatic moment on video. A report with the sequence can be viewed here:

You can rely on Cody's nerves and his training as a lifesaver - no matter the circumstances. A real shock, but what a good start to a happy time together!