What is metametaphysics

Meta-metaphysics. On the sense and nonsense of ontological disputes

Subject area Theoretical Philosophy
Funding Funding from 2012 to 2017
German Research Foundation (DFG) - Project number 204566495
The preoccupation with metaphysical questions has experienced an unprecedented renaissance in analytic philosophy in the last few decades. For some years this has led to the fact that under the heading "Meta-Metaphysics" one has increasingly thought about whether one can even meaningfully discuss the central topic of metaphysics - the fundamental structure of reality - in philosophy Suspicion that the attempt to go beyond what the empirical individual sciences say on this topic leads to questions that either have no objectively true or false answers or can be answered in a trivial way, and that metaphysical disputes often arise on one This suspicion was expressed more than 60 years ago by Rudolf Carnap in his influential essay Empiricism, Semantics, and Ontology. Carnap's metaphysical criticism is based on linguistic and methodological assumptions, which today hardly anyone shares why present-day metaphysicians hardly care about it show impressed. The proposed project aims to investigate whether and, if so, how the essential aspects of the metaphysical skepticism on which Carnap's position is based can be made plausible and theoretically worked out at the level of the current philosophy of language and philosophical methodology.
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