Why is religion important in schools

Why religious instruction?

Live together

The pupils become familiar with the forms of Christian faith practiced in their own denomination. You will encounter the other denomination in ecumenical openness and get to know other religions. In social interaction, they practice expressing their own opinion, tolerating other points of view and resolving conflict situations without violence.

Asking about God and the meaning of the world

The young people perceive the world as God's creation with all their senses. You will be encouraged to pause, be amazed and rejoice over the small and large things in life as a gift from God. In conversation they express and expand their ideas of the world, ask questions about the reality of God and the meaning of life.

Get to know the biblical message

The youngsters encounter stories from the Bible as a basis of the Christian faith. They relate people's experiences with God in the Bible to their own situation in life and faith. Human experiences such as fear, failure, guilt, grief and death are also an issue. Against the background of the message of Jesus Christ, ways are offered to deal with such life crises.

Celebrate together

In religious education, the pupils can practice and reflect freely on the faith that arouses joy and trust and shows fulfilling goals in life. Services and prayer, festivals and religious customs are part of it.