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Vegan scrambled eggs - that's how it works

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Scrambled eggs are one of the most popular hot breakfast dishes in Germany. Classically, scrambled eggs are made from chicken eggs, which are whisked with spices and milk and fried. So nothing for people who do not want to eat an egg for ethical, health or other reasons.

But scrambled eggs can be made surprisingly well without an egg. It goes without saying that this is not a real “scrambled egg” - but vegan scrambled eggs are at least as tasty as the animal original. And: no chicks have to die for vegan scrambled eggs.

Vegan scrambled eggs are not just a substitute for the classic recipe - they also have some advantages over the original. While most hen's eggs today come from husbandry that hardly any consumer will find appetizing or appropriate, the vegan scrambled eggs can do without any animal husbandry.

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And the cow's milk, which is often used with classic scrambled eggs, remains for the calf. (Did you know that calves die for milk?)

Another benefit of vegan scrambled eggs is that they are cholesterol-free.
Chicken eggs are very high in cholesterol - the daily scrambled eggs definitely play a role as the cause of the high cholesterol levels of many a fellow citizen.

The vegan scrambled eggs are based on tofu, which is completely free from animal fats - but rich in vegetable protein.

Vegan scrambled eggs have ethical, environmental, and health benefits

And vegan scrambled eggs is also more ecological. Because animal products are real "resource guzzlers". The reason: "farm animals" are fed with feed that is grown on valuable arable land. Metabolism turns most of the raw materials into heat and manure. Instead, the arable land could be used straight away to grow soy for the production of tofu.

So, enough of the good reasons for vegan scrambled eggs: Here comes the recipe! (Updated in August 2019!)

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Recipe: vegan scrambled eggs

Mash medium-firm natural tofu with a fork. It is best to use tofu, which has nigari and calcium sulfate as a coagulant, because this tofu has a more pleasant consistency and is not as crumbly. Lightly fry the mashed tofu in a pan with a little oil. Add some soy milk (or another unsweetened plant-based milk alternative) if desired. In our example (see picture gallery) we used soy yogurt - delicious!).

When your vegan scrambled eggs are the consistency you want, season them with kala namak. This is a special seasoning salt that is naturally rich in sulfur and therefore has the typical egg taste. You can buy kala namak (or sulfur salt) online and at some health food stores. Some organic markets also have Kala Namak on offer.

Give the vegan scrambled eggs some color with turmeric (you can get them in organic stores or health food stores).

After heating, taste the vegan scrambled eggs with fresh herbs and add a few drops of linseed oil (do not fry linseed oil!). Serve the vegan scrambled eggs with a crispy baguette and a glass of orange juice! You will be amazed how real these vegan scrambled eggs taste!

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Author: Kilian Thirty