How can I make people hate me

Why do people hate me? 15 reasons a lot of people don't like you

Listen, we can't be loved by everyone. But one often wonders why people hate me? Here are some pointers.

There are some people I just can't stand. Do i hate her Well, hate is a pretty strong word, but yeah, yeah I did. Whenever I saw her, my body would get hot and my need to hit her harder. Have i ever spoken to them? No. But something about them got me boiling.

Was it your fault? While I would like to say yes, most of the time it wasn't. But when you read this you are on the other side of the story. The thought, "why do people hate me" stays on your mind and is not something that should happen. But you have to find out if these negative feelings are because of you ... or because of them.

15 reasons you ask "why do people hate me?"

Who wants everyone to like them anyway? Boring. Okay okay Some people may not agree. But let's face it - it's not realistic to believe that everyone will like you. So, here are 15 possible reasons you might be wondering, "Why do people hate me?"

# 1 You are more successful. Jealousy is a very strong emotion - and it's an ugly one. But so many people are jealous of others who are more successful than them.

That success could simply mean that you did better at school or got a higher paying job. Yeah, I know it sounds stupid, but it keeps the whole competition bike moving. People don't like to feel like losers.

# 2 You remind them of yourself. This is usually the main reason you would hate someone for no good reason. Who wants to admit they are flawed, you know? Point is, you probably have more in common with this person than you'd like to think. You are her and that's why you hate her.

# 3 You know their flaws. Maybe you hate this guy because at some point you both had the same job but he got the raise and you got demoted. Well every time you see this guy you will be reminded of the time you said you were less than you are. I mean, I can't wait for you to look at that guy right now and be full of joy.

# 4 They don't have what you have. People may hate you just because you have qualities that they lack. Maybe you have more Instagram followers, close friends, a new car - I know this shit sounds stupid, but it's true.

When Justin Bieber gets a new friend, their social media is spammed with hateful comments. Why? Because she's with Justin Bieber, and these people aren't.

# 5 You threaten them. I sat down next to someone's boyfriend and talked to them socially, and all of a sudden their friend comes over and gives me a hateful look. I've never spoken to her in my life, but I'm talking to her boyfriend and that's too close for comfort. I am perceived as a threat. Do i want her boyfriend? No. But for them I go to their territory.

# 6 They don't feel safe around you. People need to feel safe. Do you usually go around with people you feel unsafe? Exactly. It could just be the fact that you are a stranger they don't know, or maybe you like living on the wild side of life. Anyway, if it calls into question people's safety, you probably aren't their favorite.

# 7 You brag. You just call it flashing dropout and all the diamonds on Instagram. You probably have a decent amount of people who think you're cool, but anyone with a brain isn't going to like you. Why? Because you're sticky and cheap. Plus, mix that with something jealous ... and there you go, you have hate.

# 8 You think you know everything. You went to Yale, we know, we all know. And with this level of art you are the Einstein of our generation, or at least you would like to think so.

If you know something, it's cool, you can share it. But if you think you know everything, and if you correct it, you're fighting your way out ... well, then it's time to check yourself out. People don't like that. Be a little humble and humble with your thoughts.

# 9 You are selfish. It's always about you In fact, no one can remember when you were there to help them with a problem they were having. They just remember sitting next to you when you were thrown away or went bankrupt. You are egoistic. Just admit it. Once you've admitted it, take a bath and call your mom.

# 10 You use people. You actually don't have a true boyfriend. Any friends you have are due to your own interests. Although it works in the beginning, people start noticing pretty quickly, especially if you only call them when they need something. People don't like to be used. It's a pretty easy way to get people to hate you.

# 11 You lie. If you want to make people hate you, then lie. It's the most efficient way. Falsehoods trust people, so they start to dislike you. So, if you can't even be honest about what you had for breakfast, you may need to seek therapy. Because lying won't bring you friends.

# 12 You use your brain. This may come as a surprise, but most people are mindless drones - sheep. If you are someone who asks questions and analyzes critically, you are not going to like people very much. Should you take care of it? No. Because you are one of the rare ones. Keep thinking and hopefully someone else will join you.

# 13 You don't let other people talk. So, you are a speaker. It's not a bad thing. What is a bad thing is that you never let anyone else do the talking and then cut them off if they try.

You can be the star of the conversation without fully executing it. The whole point of socialization is that people talk to each other and build relationships. If they wanted to preach to you, they would join a church or be in a class.

# 14 You're an energy eater. That's true. When someone is in a good mood, you make sure you get some of what they have. You take and take and take until they're in the corner. People tend to stay away from people who are literally sucking the energy out of them. You have to change that by finding your own energy.

# 15 You are not confirming any of these attributes. You may have read this through and thought, "but I don't do any of these things." You do ... and that is the problem. If you think you are infallible, then you are clearly living in a bubble. Pop, and then read that function again.

Now you know why you are asking "why do people hate me" and you can stop. Listen, it could be a combination of things, but the best place to start is to look at yourself. Let's reduce the amount of hatred.