Why do we buy gifts for Christmas?

When and where do Germans buy their Christmas presents?

Have you already bought all of the Christmas presents? If not, it is high time that the shopping streets and shopping centers are already filling with crowds looking for suitable surprises. There is not much of the pre-Christmas calm to be felt - at least when you are out and about in Berlin, Munich & Co. So why not shop for gifts online at home with tea and Christmas music? With our social media monitoring tool Brandwatch, we investigated what the Germans' favorite source of gifts is.

The most popular time to shop for gifts

According to a recent survey by Forsa, buying gifts is booming at this time! From late November to early December, 31 percent of those surveyed buy their Christmas gifts. Almost a quarter of those surveyed, however, tend to do last-minute shopping and do not begin to deal with the topic until mid-December at the earliest:

According to the German Retail Association (HDE), around 85 billion euros will be spent on this year's Christmas business. This corresponds to an increase in sales of 1.2 percent compared to Christmas 2013. According to the HDE, 12 percent of the entire Christmas business is attributable to online trading. E-commerce is playing an increasingly important role, because last year only 10 percent of gifts were bought online.

Social Buzz: Online vs. Offline Purchases

In terms of the social buzz about Christmas gifts, online shopping is even more important: More than half of all people (56 percent) say that gifts are bought online:

Of course, this also has to do with the environment: If you are already online and looking for recommendations or have just ordered something, you tend to post a tweet rather than strolling through the Christmas market.

But which e-commerce offers are mentioned most frequently by the Internet community in connection with discussions about Christmas shopping? To find out, we created categories with Brandwatch Analytics using rules and got the following result:

Amazon seems to be the front runner when it comes to internet shopping in the run-up to Christmas. The online mail order business is also mentioned again and again on Twitter and thus occupies a very present place in the Hahstag Topic Cloud - right next to the Playstation, which will probably be one of the gift hits in 2014:

Of course, we don't want to withhold the top tweet on this topic (based on the impact score):

When I'm bored, I order a Christmas tree on Amazon and have it wrapped for me as a gift.

- Schl¡nd (@schlind) December 3, 2014

How much can it cost?

On average, everyone spends 447 euros on Christmas gifts - quite a high sum! However, the auditing firm Ernst & Young predicts that it will only be 219 euros per person.

According to this study, Germans are even more economical this year than they were last Christmas. On average, 18 percent of spending is on internet orders (and thus 7 percent more than the HDE forecast), but the online shopping amount is "only" 40 euros - in 2013 it was 60 euros:

In the next two weeks we will publish more exciting Christmas and winter facts.

Picture credits cover photo: © Melpomene via Fotolia