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As a food trucker, your company has to be sustainable. Central to this are the sales that you can achieve. We explain to you what you have to pay attention to. No matter how good and extraordinary your product is.

However, if your food truck does not sell, the future looks bleak: in the worst case scenario, you can no longer pay your employees and suppliers and no longer meet your running costs.

That is why the question of the possible sales of a new food truck is very justified. It should not be understood to mean that you only have maximum profits in your head. You just have to see the profitability of a food truck as the basis for its success. You can then continue to build on this and use it for new dishes or another truck.

What constitutes your turnover

The fact that the turnover consists of the quantity sold times the price (pricing) should be trivial. Assuming you sell an average of 50 servings at 6 euros each day, your daily turnover is 300 euros. If you work four days a week, your monthly turnover is 4,800 euros. From this all costs such as salaries, gasoline, cost of goods etc. have to be paid. What remains is your profit.

But as I said, these are sample calculations. Always have reserves ready in the event of unforeseen expenses such as an engine failure. Or you can take care of a special food truck insurance that covers various loss scenarios and then calculate the costs for this in your monthly expenses.

But now you have to differentiate: The sales in Day-to-day business are sometimes fluctuating, but you can improve a lot with your own commitment. It is important to find the right area and the right target group that will give you the best sales. Day-to-day business is therefore extremely important in order to maintain customer attention, to present yourself and then to draw attention to catering.

That works better than you think, because satisfied customers are always ambassadors of your passion and dishes in their company. Together with our business service, which is free of charge for every food trucker, this is an ideal opportunity to draw attention to the truck, the dishes and possible catering.

How many customers you can expect

There is no general information about how many customers come to your truck at a day-to-day business location. That could be 100, but also 300. On some days, however, it can only be 50. The number depends on the one hand on your commitment in preparation and on the other hand on the potential of the location.

While the 150 customers who come to the truck at one location work very well for one, another might need at least 200 customers. Then you have to think about it, either get active again and continue advertising in the area or try another location.

Again, it will be very helpful to know which target group you have with your dish. This will help you find the right location.

At a Catering order you usually have a calculable return and little risk. But you have to be well known (see daily business) and / or have good marketing in order to get these jobs. With catering you can usually count on a fixed sum that will be paid to you for one day.

Events in turn are dependent on the weather and must be well attended for good sales. If this is the case, when there is a big crowd, it depends on how many servings you can serve per hour. Therefore, optimize your work processes down to the last detail and improve yourself continuously.

This improvement will also always increase turnover from day-to-day business and satisfaction with catering orders. And if the improvements are successful, you can then incorporate them firmly into your next truck.


Good sales are the basis of your food truck success

In terms of sales, a distinction must be made between day-to-day business, catering and events.

Day-to-day business is important to position yourself, but fluctuates with the number of customers. Catering usually means a fixed sum, but requires awareness. Events depend on the weather and the flow of visitors. And optimal workflows are particularly important here.

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