Why did Google shut down Google Answers

Thoughts on Answers Closure + Yahoo! wants Google users

The reason for the closure should first be clear, the whole thing was simply no longer acceptable for a large Internet company like Google. The participation and the traffic left so much to be desired that the whole thing could even run on my server without any problems. A mere 800 people regularly dealt with answering questions.

In addition, the service was never integrated into the Google account, it had its own login. This is because it was Google's first product outside of web search - and at the time, an account or even the huge network of today was not considered at all. Unfortunately, Google also forgot to promote, link, update, integrate Answers - nothing happened.

How much Answers has led a niche existence is also clear from the comments distributed around the news sources, many users did not even know that this offer even existed. I had known it for a few years, but I called it up maybe twice - it just didn't add any value.

New offer?
The question now is why Google is really stopping this service. Why not let it run alongside? It cannot be server and traffic savings. Rather, I think Answers is getting in the way of a new big product that could wipe it out. The Answers market got moving this year with the recent entry of Yahoo !, Microsoft and Lycos, and Google will certainly not miss it either.

I could imagine that at the beginning of next year a product will be launched that is able to generate answers automatically - at least to a limited extent. Schmidt said that Google would like to focus entirely on its existing offerings and core business in the next year. And as the saying goes, when one door is closed, another opens somewhere.

So I see the end of Answers more as an opportunity and an indication of new products. The closure now seems strange and rash, but in a few months we will understand the decision and think it is good 😉

“Google Answers
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Yahoo! takes advantage of the closure of Answers to advertise his own offer:
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