Is affiliate marketing hard in 2019

Affiliate marketing trends 2019 - you have to pay attention to that

Different trends dominate the affiliate market every year. Many publishers use this for themselves, dedicate their content contributions to these trends and consciously avoid topics that are already saturated. A powerful tool for identifying such trends is the Google Trends tool. We took a closer look at trend topics in 2019 and show you which areas still have potential.

Sports & clothing

A healthy and, above all, sporty lifestyle has never been as popular as it is today. A body that was too sporty was frowned upon for a long time in women, but today it is considered the ideal of beauty, especially in western countries. Fashion is also following this trend. Reason enough to take a closer look at this topic as an affiliate.


What began as underwear is now part of everyday clothing. Shapewear has long been available in all imaginable shapes, colors and fabrics and has long since made it out of the “love killer” category. Lingerie stores offer shapewear as pretty bodies with lace, thanks to their diverse cuts and patterns, shapewear can now also be worn as a top. Due to its versatility and the increasing attention on the Internet, this trend topic is particularly worthwhile for affiliates who are in the fashion and / or sports industry and address women. A great idea would also be a blog in which products can be tested and personal experiences are described.


Sportiness has long since established itself in the fashion industry. The term athleisure is understood to mean the trend to wear sportswear as everyday clothing instead of for sport. In the last two years in particular, this niche has experienced a boom. In addition to celebrities, influencers and co. Contribute to the hype. Affiliates who use their blog are not only picking up on a current topic that the style-conscious, sporty target group is willing to buy. They also have a wide variety of products from strong brands to promote.

Best places to ...

"Okay Google, where is the best place on the North Sea to see the sunset?" Voice assistants such as Alexa, Siri and the Google Assistant have long been established in our everyday lives. With the increasing number of voice searches, the search queries for, for example, great places, sights and restaurants are also increasing. This is a great opportunity for affiliates to set up their website here. Do you know the best places to travel, eat or party? Always bring it on!

… Travel

When it comes to finding the perfect travel destination for the long-awaited vacation or a weekend trip, more and more users trust the Internet. The search results for “best places to travel” are steadily increasing (also thanks to digital voice assistants). Affiliates should jump on this bandwagon too! Those who have already worked through the standard travel destinations such as Rome, Madrid and Co. will look around for new, unusual places. This is where your affiliate page comes in. Not only do you write exciting reports about adventurous travel destinations and secret places that you simply have to see, you also generate lucrative clicks with the right affiliate programs. This trend is ideal for affiliates who enjoy traveling and who like to share their knowledge with other travel enthusiasts.

... eat

In addition to great travel destinations, more and more people are also looking for the perfect place for a leisurely lunch with friends, a family brunch or a business lunch. The digital voice assistant is being used more and more frequently here too. Above all, they hope to get insider tips about hip locations. This is where the affiliates come into play. Anyone who runs a blog about the best restaurants, cafes and bars is serving a topic that has been gaining ground for some time. In addition to testimonials about food and drinks, affiliates can also write about the environment, the design, the friendliness of the waiters, etc. This gives you a great insight and the best tips.


Smartwatches are real all-rounders. Connected to the mobile phone, they show messages, appointments or incoming calls, document the number of steps and sleep patterns and, of course, show the time. No wonder that these watches are sold around 1.2 billion times a year. Google Trends clearly shows that more and more users are also dealing with the topic of smartwatches online. In addition to offers, interested parties are often also looking for experience reports, functions and useful tips. One thing is clear: Affiliates who bet on the smartwatch theme in 2019 are right on trend. With an average price of € 200.00, smartwatches are a lucrative profit opportunity for all blog owners who do affiliate marketing in this niche. Search queries in this area increase significantly, especially at Christmas time.

Craft beer

Handcrafted is all the rage. And beer is known to always work. The term craft beer is understood to mean beers that are handcrafted and produced by an independent brewery. Every brand tastes different. From steam and smoked beer to spiced beer to flavors such as pumpkin or raspberry: With hundreds of craft beer types, it is difficult to decide which one to choose. It's good if there are already testimonials and blogs on this topic. Even better if one of the website operators is you! Many of the craft beer manufacturers use affiliate marketing in their marketing mix. Network with them and offer your users added value in the form of appealing blog entries and experience reports. Then you are guaranteed lucrative clicks.

Alternatives to plastic

At least since the ban on single-use plastic in the EU, we have known that it cannot go on like this. The network also got into turmoil in the face of the change. The term plastic ban reached its peak in Google Trends in June 2018. Since then, more and more retailers and private individuals have been asking what happens when plastic straws, disposable dishes and the like disappear from the shelves. One hears the term environmental protection again and again in this context. There are already a number of ways to reduce your own plastic consumption. Instead of a soap dispenser you can z. B. fall back on conventional soap and some supermarkets already offer loose goods to be packed in their own container. Affiliates who have specialized their website on alternatives to plastic are not only doing good for the environment, they are also addressing a topic that is currently much discussed. The partner programs are those that focus on the target group Conscious of nature and the environment have specialized.

Car trends

The auto division is a timeless subject. But here too you have to keep up with the latest trends. Affiliates devoted to this trend should focus primarily on these two topics in 2019:


Electric cars have been around for a number of years, but so far they have not really been suitable for the masses. Until now. 2019 will be under the star of electromobility. Many public transport companies are already busy converting their buses into e-buses. A name that always comes up in connection with electric cars is Tesla. This year, the Model 3 will finally be launched with powerful engines and the company is doing everything it can to become a brand suitable for the masses. Reason enough to open a blog that takes a closer look at Tesla and electric cars. In addition to car dealerships, you can also win test drive providers as strong partners.


SUVs are long-legged, comfortable and stand for a certain stability. Audi in particular has announced that it will be offering a whole range of SUVs in 2019. The interest of the driving population in the Sport utility vehicles grows constantly. In addition to its comfort and freedom of space, this type of vehicle has long since established itself as a certain status symbol. Affiliates who run blogs can publish tests, comparisons or their own experience reports with the SUVs. Here, too, car dealers are strong partners.


For many affiliate beginners, finding the right trending topic is often difficult. The topics we have presented are up-to-date and can be marketed well with the right approach. All in all: Offer your future users added value with your articles and blog posts and make them authentic. If you still have a current connection and are following one of the trending topics, nothing stands in the way of your successful affiliate page!