Which startup accelerators give the most funding


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Accelerator means something like accelerator or gas pedal and offers opportunities for intensive promotion of startups and companies in the start-up phase in order to advance the business faster and more efficiently.

What does an accelerator do?

The aim of the accelerator is to accelerate the development of young and newly established startups. In addition, it should also be ensured that the company has a higher chance of survival in the market thanks to intensive support.

In most of the cases examined, this is also true - companies funded in this way have a more than 80% chance of surviving in the market, far more than the average. However, since a selection is made in advance among the applying startups, this number does not have to be unreservedly meaningful.

Accelerator or Incubator?

It is not always possible to distinguish exactly between the terms accelerator and incubator - accelerator (= accelerator), incubator (“incubator”). In many cases it just depends on what name the initiative gives itself. Incubators often help to “hatch” a business idea until it is ready for the market, while accelerator initiatives often help companies that have just started.

Funding measures and tasks of an accelerator

How the funding looks in detail always depends on the respective accelerator initiative. In almost all cases, however, it is about intensive coaching and the comprehensive provision of entrepreneurial knowledge and professional experience. In addition, there is often also the supply of office space, technical infrastructure or, at the end of the funding phase, the presentation of the company to potential investors.

How long the “Boot Camp” phase runs for the startup and which services are offered depends on the individual accelerator.

This is what an accelerator expects: e.g. return flow of funds via participation models

Similar to business angels, the cost of intensive funding is almost always covered by a company investment. The initiative can also benefit from the success of the coached and intensively supervised company - this creates a win-win situation for both parties involved. However, the conditions and the forms of participation can sometimes differ greatly from one another.

Applying for an accelerator program

Almost all accelerator and incubator initiatives are crowded. Only really promising startups are included in the programs, which have been given a corresponding chance of success in advance. Realistic market opportunities, possible high market potential and a convincing start-up idea are important for acceptance. In many cases, great importance is attached to the professional and personal requirements of the founder (or founders).

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