How long is a short novel

How many pages does a normal novel have?

The question is very easy to answer: Exactly 342.5 pages!

This is of course a joke. The question cannot really be answered. What is normal? Stephen King with his more than 1000 pages of novels? Or is it Edgar Allan Poe with his short stories?

Above all, we should ask ourselves which Word page, i.e. which format, is actually meant? A standard page, a DIN A4 page, a paperback page?

Ultimately, one cannot even properly define the area of ​​short story, novella, novel. Because here, too, there is no uniform regulation - when it comes to length. You can't even specify page numbers because there are far too many formats. From the German pocket book format to the English one to the hard cover, there are umpteen different sizes. And just because a novel has 342.5 pages in the format 12 x 19 cm, it doesn't have them in the English-language format of 12.7 x 20.32 (these are the smallest standard dimensions, by the way). So if, a novel would only be judged on the basis of its number of words.

Ultimately, it doesn't matter how many words, how many pages, or what size a book is misplaced. It depends on your own idea, on your own writing. Someone who is interested in writing shorter stories will clutter their novel with too much filler text just so that it reaches a certain number of words or pages, which will quickly bore the reader. On the other hand, there are people who write so thrillingly and extensively that the reader would not really be in the story if it ended after 342.5 pages.

It doesn't matter whether I'm writing a series or not. There is no standard as to how long or how short a novel should be. The novel is as long as I tell my story. No shorter and no longer!

This article was penned by Melanie Weber-Tilse. Thanks Melanie! 🙂