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“Super easy processing! Fast delivery time and good service! I would recommend it immediately. "

- Bettina H.

"Quick and easy - even single editions."

- Rita F.

"Looks great! Many Thanks"

- Sanela H.

“Very nice work. The handling is not complicated and nice to do individually. The finished product was of very good quality and well processed. "

- Kerstin B.

“Great opportunity to design a newspaper, it was really fun and the result is really something !!!! "

- Birgit K.

“At the beginning I would particularly like to highlight the incredibly ingenious customer service at Jilster! I got immediate answers to some of my questions via email. In addition, incredibly personal and nice (no mass processing and standard answers) and of course also helpful. The quality of my magazines is excellent and the star rating in the software has helped me a lot to gauge how good the quality of my image can be. ... "

- Isabell G.

“Kudos to jilster. Customer service was quick to help and the procedure for creating a newspaper is very well explained. The various templates were also very helpful and were gladly included in my booklet. The delivery service was on time and the quality was great. It was the first time I wrote a newspaper like this and it was perfect for me. So I can praise Jilster and give it 5 stars. THANKS."

- Birgit S.

“Jilster is absolutely perfect and I can 100% recommend this provider. My sister and I created a birthday newspaper for our mother together and the enthusiasm was huge! It is perfect that several users can work on the newspaper at the same time and that a large variety of beautiful templates are available. Keep it up!"

- Christina Anna B.

“A simple system and a lot of leeway when creating the magazine. Inspiring quality. Fast service for questions and very good problem solving. I would like to do it again at any time and recommend it to others. "

- Jennifer E.

"Very good .. The pressure, the quality is simply top-notch again and again. More functions when creating desirable (edit images). "

- Sebastian Z.

“Everything worked out great, only uploading your own pictures could be a bit faster. "

- Sabine H.

“Great magazine, great design and really good quality! We would do it again and again 🙂 "

- Elke L.

“For years I have been creating glosses for my good friends on big birthdays. Each copy always triggers cheers. So also the last, which will certainly not be the last. Quality and the price-performance ratio are great. Thank you that I can live out my creativity thanks to your great software. "

- Edeltraud S.

“Very good print quality. Magazines arrived faster than advertised! Very clear design options in the Jilster range. Gladly again!!"

- Stefanie F.

“The newspaper turned out very nice. Editing was easy. It would be nice if there were more stickers and the prices a little lower. "

- Dörte A.

“It was a lot of fun! The end product is "terrific" !!! "

- Rémy P.

“Unfortunately I had to find out that I could not necessarily save time with your program, but rather lost time due to the many operating difficulties. After a short time my "editors" preferred to send me photos and texts elsewhere, so that I had to insert a lot of texts and photos myself. Although I am very proficient in creating presentations, flyers and brochures due to my job, the handling of the program was sometimes very cumbersome. ... "

- Christina E.

"Great magazine and great quality."

- Lena G.

“When I printed out the newspaper as a PDF, I was already very unsure of how the newspaper would look when it was finished, and when the printed copies arrived, I was already crying with enthusiasm. I would always publish a newspaper here. "

- Greta P.

"Great print quality, everything worked without any problems."

- Ramona S.

“Jilster offers a great opportunity to create a magazine together with others. However, the program is not very user-friendly / self-explanatory. You have to find your way around first and that takes time. However, the result has turned out great and delivery was made without any problems. "

- Kristin W.