Can I buy cameras online?

Buying cameras online: what you should be aware of

Internet trade is flourishing - not least because the legislator has laid down clear rules and thus guarantees extensive consumer protection: Anyone who orders products from a distance, including catalog goods as well as orders placed by telephone and via the Internet, can within 14 days return the goods. Always provided that the ordered products are still in perfect condition.

Therefore you can still open the packaging of a camera, charge the battery and the camera for some Test shots use. It becomes difficult once you have broken the seal of the enclosed software, because software is fundamentally excluded from the right of return under the Telecommunications Sales Act. The sender could take a stance here, even if, in the case of a camera, the software is included as an encore.

Important: a look at the imprint

With all the protection from the legislature: Without any Research about the seller it doesn't work when buying online: It always makes sense to take a look at the provider's homepage - even if you order via an online marketplace such as Ebay or Amazon.

The company's graphic services are in the background - clean websites and shop solutions are available off the shelf. It is much more important to have a look at the imprint and contact details. Do the company headquarters and the telephone area code match? If a free hotline number is offered, a "normal" telephone number or fax number should still be available through which the comparison can be carried out. In addition, according to the Telemedia Act, the information about the shop's manager also belongs in the imprint.

Pay attention to the reviews of other users

If you buy from the large online marketplaces Ebay and Amazon, you can get an initial overview of the ratings relatively easily. Price search engines such as or also allow seller ratings. It is important to look at them Number of Reviews and the Comment history: A very high score with only a few evaluations has relatively little informative value.

In addition, some retailers are careful to keep a clean slate and take action against negative reviews. If almost every tenth rating was either withdrawn by the buyer or deleted by the portal administrators, often with the note: "inconsistent grading", then caution is advised. Therefore, both Amazon and Ebay claim for themselves at the Buyer rating Let neutrality prevail. Particularly active sellers without complaints receive a five-star logo on Ebay, whereby these are usually commercial sellers with an Ebay shop.

Usual payment options

The payment services specially developed for the Internet are becoming more and more important. "They offer solutions tailored to online purchases and a high level of security for both buyers and sellers," said the President of the Federal Association of Information Technology, Prof. Dieter Kempf. The Purchase by invoice is still widespread because the customer can inspect the goods before paying. For the customer, this payment method is a secure process, for the retailer, on the other hand, there is a comparatively high risk of default, which is why many shops only offer this option for existing customers.

The second solution that is still justifiable for customers is the new payment services such as PayPal or Clickandbuy. Both offer one Complaint system including moderation between customer and dealer as well as an option to claim money back.

It is also relatively safe Direct debit: The retailer is granted access to the account, but the direct debit amount can be returned within six weeks of receipt of the account statement. Most banks close the accounts on a quarterly basis. So you have a comparatively large amount of time here - one reason why this payment method is rarely offered.

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Who via Credit card paid, should exercise caution. Especially when the credit card details are stored in several shops, you have to check the credit card statements regularly and thoroughly.

Even if it is apparently safe: Open Prepayment and cash on delivery one should do without. Both payment methods are comparatively insecure for the customer, as you cannot check the condition of the goods before paying. There is no method to reverse the payment for either payment method.

Second-hand competition

The decline in value is never greater than in the first few days after purchase. Amazing, but true: even the models presented in 2013 can already be found used. After all, over 34,000 digital cameras Change hands every month at - this number includes new and used products traded by commercial and private dealers. And just by the way: Among them are also rarities like the Leica M9, ​​which was the most expensive product in the digital camera category and sold a whopping 7,600 euros.

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Canon cameras are most commonly sold second-hand - no big deal, as most of the cameras on the market are from the market leader. The more exciting question is what percentage of the offers relate to new or used goods - after all, that's a Customer satisfaction mirror. At Panasonic it is 35 percent used devices, at Canon 39 percent. The used sales at Sony with 45 and at Nikon with 49 percent are noticeably high.

The used devices are usually sold via auction - Fixed price offers are rare at around 15 percent. That is why we tested the average used market prices on Ebay. We asked for more models than are in the list. Because not all models can always be found used.

It becomes clear: If you want to get rid of a camera a few weeks after buying it, you have to go with it extreme discount advertise, because you are in competition with the Internet trade, which already often vies for customers with extreme discounts.

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