Can a Filipino legally marry a Chinese

Marriage visa Germany: can I get married with a Germany visa?

Before you can apply for a marriage visa at the German diplomatic mission abroad, the first step is to register the marriage at the responsible registry office in Germany. The following list shows the documents that you have to submit to your registry office for this purpose.

Checklist: Documents for registering the marriage

For the German fiancé:

  • valid ID
  • Birth certificate
  • Registration confirmation
  • possibly a legally binding divorce decree (if previously married)

For the foreign fiancé:

  • valid passport
  • Birth certificate / certificate of parentage
  • Certificate of marital status (or certificate of unmarried status)
  • Registration or residence confirmation
  • if necessary, power of attorney to register a marriage (if prevented at the appointment)

Note: Your registry office may need additional documents depending on your personal situation. You can obtain information directly from your responsible registry office.

What is a certificate of marital status?

Foreigners must register at the German registry office Certificate of marital status submitted by the competent authorities in your home country. This certificate states whether there are no obstacles to marriage, i.e. no lack of marriage capacity or no marriage ban. Certificates of marital status are fully recognized in accordance with the Convention on the Issuance of Certificates of Marriage Status of: Greece, Italy, Luxembourg, Moldova, the Netherlands, Austria, Portugal, Switzerland, Spain and Turkey. Certificates from other countries can also meet the requirements for a certificate of marital status, but in most cases only are Certificates of unmarried status without the quality of a marriage certificate.

Note: The validity of a marriage certificate is 6 months.

Checklist: Documents for applying for a marriage visa

  • Registration for marriage
  • Completed application form
  • valid passport
  • Biometric passport photos
  • Proof of German language skills at level A1
  • Copy of the fiancé's passport in Germany
  • Copy of the rental contract for the apartment in Germany
  • if applicable, declaration of commitment of the fiancé in Germany (for the period from entry to Germany and the date of marriage)
  • Proof of travel health insurance: for the first few weeks of your stay in Germany, provided that you take out health insurance in Germany afterwards.