How do I add media to WordPress

How to organize media on a WordPress blog

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Managing a good copywriting workflow is probably the biggest challenge facing website owners Multi-author. The problem with this type of website is that all authors can see media added by other authors and contributors.

In this tutorial, we're going to show you how to organize contributors (and authors) adding media to your blog so they can only see and use their own added media.

But before you start, take the time to take a look How to Install a WordPress Theme, How Many Plugins Should I Install on Wordpress.

Then let's get to work!

First you have to install and activate the plugin WP Digital users. No settings need to be configured after activation.

To see how the plugin works, create two new user accounts with the rolesauthor. Then log in like any other WordPress user on both accounts.

You will see that the media library only shows the images uploaded by a specific user.

For example, we created two users named Sam and Tina. We uploaded three pictures from Sam's account and three pictures from Tina's account.

Here's how Tina's account shows her media library:

Here's how Sam's report presents his media library:

Finally, this is how the website displays the website administrator's media library.

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As the website administrator, you will see that you have access to all images, but both users can only access images they have uploaded.

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When uploading images in articles, contributors can only see the images they uploaded from the media library, as shown in the image below.

Now you know how to organize and manage the media on your multi-author website.

If you already know or use other plugins that can do this job, please let us know and leave us some comments and opinions on them in our comment section.

Also discover some premium WordPress plugins

You can use other WordPress plugins to give it a modern look and optimize the grip of your blog or website.

We offer you some premium WordPress plugins here that will help you with this.

1. WordPress Real Media Library

WordPress Real Media Library is a file manager that allows you to organize thousands of images and media files into categories and folders. From a single toolbar. You can use the drag and drop function to create, rename, delete and reorganize folders and move files.

The tree structure of your folders will make research easier these and your files in other folders. You can create shortcuts to help you find your files more quickly. The plugin includes an improved file uploading tool that allows you to upload files directly to the folder.

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Real Media Library supports three types of folders: a regular folder, which can contain all types of files except galleries, and gallery folders, which can only contain images.

Take a look at:Caroussel & Slider: You should be using it on WordPress

The third type of folder is the collections folder, which does not contain any files, just gallery data that you can use Create a visual gallery. This plugin is compatible with Slider revolution and supports touch screens.

Download | demoWeb hosting

2. Media Grid

This WordPress plugin offers user profiles the ability to manage media galleries. This allows users to create more vibrant profiles by adding multiple files - pictures, videos, and audio files - to their profile.

Features include: opening images in a lightbox, pagination for Multimedia files, Limitation of file types to download or upload, limitation of download size, support for Youtube and Vimeo videos, integration with Instagram to import your favorite photos and much more.

Download | Demo | Web hosting

3. WP media file manager

WP Media File Manager is a WordPress plugin that allows you to easily organize the media library in some form of hierarchy using the drag and drop feature. It is one of most powerful WordPress plugins from the file manager on CodeCanyon. You don't even have to manually create folders.

This WordPress plugin uploads thousands of files from your PC's file manager to the website by automatically copying the source folder hierarchy. When you want the same file in different folders, you know that you now have a real media library that offers this functionality.

Say goodbye to problems downloading certain types of files. Now all you have to do is install this WordPress plugin and use it to manage your files.

Download | Demo | Web hosting

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