What are some little things that people do

5 little things that make others happy

Do you know that feeling of happiness when you've made someone's day a little nicer? Be it with a gesture, an attention or with your humor - making others happy makes us happier. In this post I would like to tell you 5 little things with which you can make the day of others and thus yours better.

Smile at someone

I grew up in the country and have learned to greet every passerby and smile at everyone. In the city, however, this has turned out to be rather difficult. Often one is stared at or even viewed with derogatory expression. In the meantime I have given up the greeting, but my smile has not. There is nothing worse than a curmudgeon approaching you. Most people smile back and are happy! Try it out, because in the worst case only yourself will feel better - smiling makes you happy!

Hold the door open

How many times has the door slammed in my face? Whether at subway stations, in shops or in public buildings - hardly anyone thinks it necessary to hold the door for the following people. For me it's a question of good behavior and it would never have occurred to me to just let the door slam back. So next time a fully packed person walks towards you or behind you, then take the 10 seconds and make their day a little nicer.

Ask someone about the day

This point takes a little more time than the others. With this you show appreciation and interest in others. This alone will make your counterpart feel better. Do not accept “good” or “bad” as the answer, but ask in more detail and try to start a conversation - without a mobile phone and without distraction. In-depth conversations connect and trigger a pleasant feeling.

Give a generous tip

If the service and / or service is good, give yourself a jolt and leave a slightly higher tip every now and then. The few coins don't hurt you and put a big smile on someone's face. After all, who is not happy when their work is rewarded and valued?

To make a compliment

Nothing easier than complimenting others. How often do you think “wow, such beautiful hair”, “I like the skirt” or more profound things? Just! We all do it, and we do it every day. So why not tell others what you think are great? Compliments build self-confidence. Given by strangers, they are often valued higher and are balm for the soul.