What motivates you to make your dream come true

Have more courage to live your dreams!

One climbs Mount Everest without safety, another sees it as his favorite hobby to balance on a thin rope between two skyscrapers. A young woman takes a run to plunge into a dizzying depth on the bungee rope, while another lets a tarantula put on her hand. Social media is full of extremes, of people who dare to do things that others don't even remotely think of. They seem fearless. But are they really? Researchers agree that fear and courage should by no means be seen as contradicting one another, but rather are important for one another. Because without fear, the actor can quickly lose sight of reality, becomes cocky and ultimately risks his life.

But when are you brave? Do you have to orientate yourself towards superlatives to be able to proudly say that you have taken all your courage? Do you have to live without fear?

Everyone has the freedom - and that's the nice thing - to define courage for themselves. It doesn't have to be a bungee jump or a parachute jump. Ask yourself what you are striving for, what your dream is and how you could achieve it. A person suffering from claustrophobia is brave when getting into a crowded elevator. A person who does not speak German will overcome a major hurdle when asking for the nearest bus stop in Germany.

Another example: Your job no longer suits you and you would actually prefer to open a café? It is not necessarily brave, but possibly negligently reckless, to simply terminate. To get closer to your dream, you don't have to quit right away. It is brave to admit this thought and to deal with it seriously. So be courageous and let a close caregiver in on your dreams. Discuss with her why you have this exact dream. Ask the bank employee you trust whether you can get a loan. And calculate everything once.