What is the strongest but lightest metal

Wonder material Carbyne

After the science of nanotubes and graphene has reported more and more about new miracle materials based on carbon in recent years, a new research discovery called Carbyne is now the focus of interest. It should be no less than the strongest material in the world, which seems to be as flexible as a plastic film.

Chain arrangement of the carbon atoms

The basis is formed by carbon atoms, which, unlike graphene, are not arranged in a honeycomb pattern but along a chain. So far, Carbyne could only be detected in space under certain temperatures and pressures.

Scientists at Rice University in Houston have now succeeded for the first time in recreating the chain arrangement of the carbon atoms at room temperature. There were only 44 atoms with a length of a few millionths of a millimeter, but the research report is rated as the first breakthrough for the possible use of Carbyne in industrial contexts.

During the tests, the US scientists found out quite a bit about the new material. It should be harder than any other material and even surpass the hardness of diamonds. Carbyne is extremely light and has twice the tear strength and toughness compared to graphene. It conducts electrical currents like any other carbon material, which is why the researchers are already thinking of a first possible use for the production of electronic components in nanodimensions. The use of Carbyne could reduce costs in solar cells, and there would also be links in fuel cells.

Research report at: www.rice.edu