What should I avoid while losing weight?

8 foods to avoid if you want to lose weight - bad for your metabolism

Trigger foods: foods to avoid when losing weight

Trigger foods are foods that can trigger binge eating or food cravings. If you eat these products, it is very likely that you are eating in excess of your caloric needs. This is of course extremely problematic when it comes to losing weight and will ruin your efforts.

Not everyone responds to all foods in the same way, but there are certain foods that produce this effect for most of them. The University of Michigan conducted a study that showed that highly processed foods high in fat, sugar, or white flour were highly addictive. That means: the more of it you consume, the greater the desire for it and the more you eat of it.

The consumption of natural foods, such as fish or vegetables, was not addictive.

A recent study from May 2019 showed similar results. It was a study with only a few participants, but the same phenomenon was found in all of them.

One group of the participants received highly processed foods, the other natural ones. Both groups were allowed to eat enough of it until they were full or no longer wanted to eat. It was found that the first group always consumed around 500 more calories than the comparison group. They also ate faster and gained weight.

It is not yet clear what exactly is the reason why we react this way to these foods. But it is known that it is better to avoid such foods in a diet.

The following 8 foods have this effect and should therefore not be on your diet: