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Austria vs. Germany 10: 5 - The ultimate country comparison

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Austria vs. Germany 10: 5 - The ultimate country comparison

Who can prevail in this comparison?

From a geographical point of view, we are neighbors and we speak the same language, but who has more to offer? The comfortable Austrians or the hypothermic Germans? Weather, leisure activities, mentality or cuisine - for this comparison we took a close look at the two countries. If you want to know where you can learn German better, visit our Learn German in Germany or Austria page!

Where is it nicer?

Austria is a landlocked country and is in the heart of Europe. Due to its central location, Austria is easily accessible for people from all over the world and impresses with its diversity. Our intact nature, the wonderful landscapes, the beautiful mountain regions and our extensive cultural offerings make Austria a promising travel destination. But not only tourists feel at home here, we Austrians are also proud to live in such a great country. We have a lot less space than our German neighbors and are clearly outnumbered with around 8.7 million inhabitants, but how do you say it: "Small but nice."

Germany stretches from the North and Baltic Seas in the north of the country to the Alps in the south, where the border with Austria is also located. The scenic highlights include the Black Forest, the Bavarian Forest or the Harz and Ore Mountains. With our geographical location in the middle of the majestic Alps, Austria is a true natural wonder. But Germany can score with its huge area and some scenic delicacies.

So we start our country comparison with a tie.

Current score: Austria vs. Germany 1: 1

Who attaches more importance to cleanliness?

The clean sidewalks and streets in Vienna have become a kind of calling card.Tourists appreciate our accuracy in hygiene and waste management. You might think there is never a party or something dropped here. The reason for this could be the so-called “waste watchers” who have been taking action against rubbish sinners since 2008.

This weakness for purity is also reflected in our drinking water, because it is obtained from excellent groundwater and spring water and in the Alpine regions it can even be transported to households in its natural state.

In German cities like Munich or Hamburg, too, cleanliness seems to be at the top of the agenda. On the other hand, if you take a look at the streets in Berlin, you have to ask yourself whether the garbage collection is on strike. Broken glass, cigarette butts and leftovers dominate the cityscape.

A clear point for Austria.

Current score: Austria vs. Germany 2: 1

Hospitality - Viennese charm or German rationality?

We Austrians are peaceful and look forward to any cultural exchange.If visitors come from abroad, we plan a varied sightseeing program weeks in advance, because we are proud to present our beautiful homeland. In 2012, according to a survey of 17,000 visitors to the travel portal Zoover chosen as the most popular host country in Europe.Well with the famous one "Viennese charm"we have always been able to score and tourism has a high priority in Austria.

The Germans, on the other hand, overestimate themselves again. After all, 38% of them believe they are the most hospitable country in Europe and only 10.5% of the foreign guests agree. With the Germans everything has to have its purpose and of course it has to be efficient.

But as a holidaymaker or guest you want to be pampered, rational thinking is not always rewarded.

Current score: Austria vs. Germany 3: 1

Sport is murder ”- who is this famous refrain more likely to apply to?

Well, as far as winter sports are concerned, we Austrians are of course gifted with the many ski regions.At the moment we're still ahead in skiing, but the Germans are just on our heels. The determined Germans prevail in almost all other disciplines. When it comes to football, we Austrians can still learn a lot from the German national team. We have good footballers too, but sooner or later they switch to German teams. Keyword: David Alaba.

The typical Austrian comfort often throws us a spanner in the works.

Point for Germany!

Current score: Austria vs. Germany 3: 2

Student life - where is it more fun?

The students are doing well in Austria. Because At public universities, EU citizens are exempt from tuition fees for the minimum duration of study (+ 2 tolerance semesters). Public transport can be used for 1 € per day and you can get a room in a shared apartment for less than 500 € in contrast to other German cities such as Munich or Hamburg.

Although tuition fees have also been abolished in Germany since 2014, the semester fees to be paid often amount to several hundred euros. Many Germans go to study abroad because they cannot get a place at home universities. In 2016, more than 30,000 students from our neighboring country were enrolled at Austrian universities.

The Austrian study system seems to be much more popular.

Current score: Austria vs. Germany 4: 2

Who has more music in their blood?

Vienna is celebrated as the world capital of music and not without reason. Because nowhere else have more famous composers lived and lived than here. Classical music is our heart and the work of great artists like Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Ludwig van Beethoven or Gustav Mahler can still be felt everywhere today.

But the works of German composers, such as those by Johann Sebastian Bach or Georg Friedrich Händel, have also shaped the history of classical music in Europe. Today the German pop scene is causing a stir and is also convincing in the international arena. In 2013, Germany was even considered the third largest music market in the world from an economic point of view.

When it comes to classical music, we Austrians are one step ahead. Where else is there an “opera toilet” where you can listen to the world's most famous opera singers in the cabin. Ultimately, however, it depends on the taste and the respective genre, because we Austrians can probably never keep up with the German hit machines from the pop scene.

Musical point for both countries.

Current score: Austria vs. Germany 5: 3

What kind of humor can you really laugh at?

Let's start with that "Wiener-Schmäh".Most of all, there is self-irony and a lot of sarcasm in it. We Viennese don't take life too seriously and can laugh at ourselves. We like to laugh and a lot, why the cabaret scene in Vienna has a great tradition.

US talk show host O'Brien once asked Austrian actor Christoph Waltz at a show what was true of the cliché that Germans had no sense of humor. Waltz, whose father is from Germany, replied dryly: "That is not a cliché".

In a global humor survey by the social media platform Badoo, Germany even came in last place as the most inane nation.

Wiener Schmäh wins!

Current score: Austria vs. Germany 6: 3

> Where is the nicer German spoken?

Historically and linguistically, most dialects in Austria are based on the recognized standard German. As a result of the white sausage equator In Austria we even speak the nicer German than most of the people in Germany.E.s sounds a little softer and more melodious - shaped by mountains and valleys as well as the diverse Austrian culture.

We owe this beautiful German to our famous theater tradition, of which we Austrians are very proud. The unique "Burgtheaterdeutsch" is known throughout the German-speaking area and is also a quality concept of the German language.

Ultimately, German in Austria differs from German in Germany only in rare cases in terms of spelling and pronunciation. In Vienna you will definitely learn German the way it should be.

Another point for Austria!

Current score: Austria vs. Germany 7: 3

Where does the food taste better?

Austrians like it hearty and traditional. Starting with a hearty beef soup, on to a juicy roast pork or a tender boiled beef and a sweet pastry as a successful conclusion. As the only city in the world, we are namesake of our own food style, namely the "Viennese cuisine". Even the Germans have already declared their preference for Austrian cuisine, which is why this point has actually already been decided.

Taste advance for Austria.

Current score: Austria vs. Germany 8: 3

Who is more open to new things?

What we Austrians and Germans have in common is the fear of change. We are initially met with reluctance and skepticism to plan for renewals. Trends that have already taken off in other European countries always take a little longer to implement with us. But when it comes to innovation, the Austrians are giving full throttle. According to the current Innovation Cities Index 2016/2017, Vienna is the third most innovative city in Europe in a global comparison.In a global comparison, Munich ranks 15th, Berlin 17th and Hamburg only 40th. In general, however, it has to be said that people in Germany are quite hardworking. Your efficiency in many respects is enviable! If the Germans set themselves something, then they pull it off, which one cannot always say about us Austrians.

Clearly a tie!

Current score: Austria vs. Germany 9: 4

Where is it better to live?

Every country has its own characteristics. Whether the proximity to the sea in Germany or the fairytale alpine regions in Austria. However, if you look at the result of the last Mercer study, Vienna wins the race again. For the eighth time in a row, the Austrian capital has been named the city with the highest quality of life. Our capital offers a very extensive range of educational opportunities, has a well-developed public transport network and we Austrians feel very safe here in the heart of Europe. But life is good in Germany too. In the international ranking for economic well-being, Germany improved from 11th to 4th place in 2016.

Point for both!

Current score: Austria vs. Germany 10: 5


Whether Austria or Germany - both countries have a lot to offer in terms of quality of life. However, if you like it very diverse, like to spend time in the countryside and want to make friends easily, you are better off in Austria. Even if we like to complain, we are very accessible, cosmopolitan and, unlike the Germans, make people laugh more often. FINAL RESULT: 10: 5 FOR AUSTRIA

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