What were Marcus Aurelius' religious beliefs

Freedom of speech under Marcus Aurelius

Freedom of speech is a modern concept. In Rome there were no laws that gave the right to speak without being punished. Conversely, there weren't too many laws against language either. There appears to have been some civil appeals against defamation, but the evidence is poor and it appears difficult to sue someone for defamation or defamation (see "Roman Law and the Legal World of the Romans" by Andrew M. Riggsby for more information) .

We only have fragmentary remnants of Roman law and what can be inferred from the literature. In many cases we do not know exactly what Roman law was or how it was exactly enforced (see Riggsby again). Apart from the Augustan Dicate against this Majesty, I know of no specific laws that allow or forbid speaking. Even with Majesty herself it wasn’t about language specifically, but rather one plot that would offend the government.

Imperial Rome was a dictatorship and the emperor had the power to arrest or kill people without trial. Therefore laws were mostly only of importance in a civil context. When it came to criminal matters, the Roman government apparatus simply did what it wanted or what the emperor ordered, and this could change dramatically from government to government. For example, Marcus Aurelius had much more moderate politics than some other emperors, but these were not laws; They were imperial politics.

The law enforcement agencies in Rome, called judges, could more or less do what they wanted. For example, if someone gave speeches against the emperor, a judge could confiscate him, beat him up or kill him without trial. The judges sensed the will of the emperor, and when, for example, Marcus Aurelius made speeches about tolerance, the judges became lighter and did not act against subversives.