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Spend miles with Lufthansa Miles and More

Spend miles with Lufthansa Miles and More is basically an endless story. There is hardly any other program where you can redeem your miles for so many different things. In this guide we want to introduce you to the various Miles and More awards.

In Germany there is no other frequent flyer program that is even remotely as popular as Miles and More. Lufthansa's frequent flyer program has continued to develop in recent years and now offers not only numerous opportunities to collect miles, but of course also to redeem them. We have already presented you with numerous attractive redemption options on reisetopia. In this guide we would like to summarize the most important options for you.

Spend miles with Lufthansa Miles and More - award flights

Of course, we would like to start with the most important topic by far: redeeming miles for free flights. With Miles and More there is the possibility of redemption for four different travel classes:

  • Economy class
  • Premium Economy Class
  • Business class
  • First class

The prerequisite for redemption is of course that the airline in question also offers the desired travel class on a certain route. For example, Lufthansa no longer sells First Class on routes to the Middle East. There are also some other restrictions. For example, you cannot book the Swiss First Class as an award at Miles & More unless you have Senator or HON Circle status. You cannot even book Singapore Airlines First Class as a Miles and More award.

You can book award flights with Miles and More either online or via the hotline. In most cases, it is now also possible to book partner awards online. You can find everything you need to know about booking Miles and More award flights in our detailed guide on the subject.

Free flights with Miles and More - regular flight awards

As with almost all other frequent flyer programs, miles can be redeemed at Lufthansa Miles and More using a so-called award chart. This is as follows and applies to redemptions with Lufthansa as well as with all Miles & More airlines, all airlines of the Star Alliance and other Lufthansa partners (Air Astana, Air Malta, Cathay Pacific, Condor, Jet Airways):

Please note that some partner airlines have restrictions on redemption in terms of routes and travel classes. This applies to Air Astana or Cathay Pacific, for example. In addition, the redemption of regular Miles & More awards for flights is of course always linked to availability, which is often very poor, especially on popular routes (for example to the Maldives). Status members with Senator status or even HON Circle status benefit from better availability. Nevertheless, the following always applies: Unless you book particularly popular routes in the high season, you can find good availability for Miles and More flight awards.

For domestic flights, there are also fixed mileage values ​​that apply in Germany as well as in all other countries in the world (each for an outward and return flight):

  • 25,000 miles [World] / 30,000 miles [Europe] (Economy Class)
  • 35,000 miles (Business Class)
  • 50,000 miles (First Class)

This can sometimes be a very good deal, especially for domestic flights within larger countries such as Brazil or the USA.

Free flights with Miles and More - reduced flight awards

In addition to regular flight awards, Miles and More also offers reduced flight awards. There are two main options:

These two Miles and More awards differ significantly in terms of the booking period. Mileage bargains (at least with Lufthansa) must be booked with a longer lead time, Fly Smart flight awards are reduced awards for short-term bookings.

With the mileage bargains, the prices for awards are reduced by up to 50 percent.

On the short haul these values ​​apply accordingly:

  • 15,000 miles for a return flight in Economy Class
  • 25,000 miles for a return flight in Business Class

On the long haul you need the following values ​​in Economy Class:

  • 25,000 miles for a return flight to North Africa and the Middle East
  • 30,000 miles for a return flight to Central, North America and Africa
  • 40,000 miles for a return flight to Asia

In Business Class, the following mileage values ​​apply on long-haul routes:

  • 40,000 miles for a return flight to North Africa and the Middle East
  • 55,000 miles for a return flight to Central and North America and Africa
  • 70,000 miles for a return flight to Asia

With regard to the exact conditions, there are differences between Lufthansa (booking several months in advance) and Austrian Airlines (spontaneous booking). In principle, only selected destinations are available and booking is only possible with the respective airline and not with partner airlines (not even from the Lufthansa Group, i.e. not with Swiss). You can find exact details about the mileage bargains on our detailed topic page.

In contrast to the mileage bargains, FlySmart awards are valid for flights with all airlines in the Lufthansa Group, for example with LOT Polish or Luxair. These awards can generally be booked on all flights if the departure is between 14 and 2 days in the future. The following values ​​apply to the booking:

  • Economy Class within Europe: 20,000 (instead of 35,000) miles
  • Economy Class within the Middle East, South America, Southeast Asia: 15,000 (instead of 30,000) miles
  • Business Class within Europe: 30,000 (instead of 50,000) miles
  • Economy Class to North / Central Africa, the Middle East, the Caucasus: 35,000 (instead of 40,000) miles
  • Economy Class to North America, southern Africa, India: 50,000 (instead of 60,000) miles
  • Economy Class to Central America, the Caribbean: 60,000 (instead of 70,000) miles
  • Economy Class to South America, Central and Southeast Asia, the Far East: 70,000 (instead of 80,000) miles

It is only possible to book a return flight; other conditions also apply, such as at least one overnight stay from Saturday to Sunday at the destination. You can find more details about this award in our detailed guide to FlySmart awards.

Free flights with Miles and More - other flight awards

In addition to the regular and reduced Miles and More awards in the flight area, you can also book two other special redemptions at. These are the options:

  • Miles & More 3 Regions Award
  • Miles & More Round the World tickets

The 3 Regions Award at Lufthansa Miles and More can be booked in all three classes. For a return flight (one-way flights are not possible), the following mileage values ​​apply:

  • Economy Class: 100,000 miles
  • Premium Economy Class: 140,000 miles
  • Business Class: 185,000 miles
  • First Class: 290,000 miles

The special thing about this award is that you can book a kind of little trip around the world. For example, you can fly from Munich to Singapore (Southeast Asia region), plan a stay there and fly to Sydney a few days later. On the way back you can fly back to Frankfurt via Tokyo (Far East region), for example. Since the prices are the same as for a normal booking of a return flight to Australia, this offer can be very attractive, especially for bookings on this route. You can find more about the 3 Regions Award in our detailed guide on this topic.

An alternative could possibly be a Round the World ticket. When it comes to redeeming miles with Miles and More, this is the most expensive award. The values ​​for this are as follows:

  • Economy Class: 180,000 miles
  • Business Class: 325,000 miles
  • First Class: 480,000 miles

The rules of such a ticket are in principle simply explained: Your booking may have a maximum of ten segments (individual flights) and seven stopovers (stays of more than 24 hours). So you can visit a maximum of seven places with the ticket, but you are quite flexible in terms of time. The problem, however, is that you have to book the flights in advance and there must be corresponding availability. In addition, so-called backtracking is not possible, so you have to fly further and further west or east to get back to your country of origin. For example, these routes would be possible:

  • Frankfurt-Delhi-Singapore-Tokyo-Los Angeles-Lima-Rio de Janeiro-Madrid-Frankfurt
  • Munich-Mumbai-Hong Kong-Sydney-Auckland-Santiago de Chile-New York-Frankfurt

However, since it is extremely difficult to find suitable availabilities and the mileage prices are not exactly cheap, such a ticket is only worthwhile in exceptional cases. You should also keep in mind that many Star Alliance airlines do not have first class.

Free flights with Miles and More - applicable taxes & fees

Unfortunately, Miles and More cannot speak of real free flights, as so-called taxes and fees are incurred with every booking. Airport fees and the like are generally passed on. However, many airlines, including Lufthansa itself, have a fuel surcharge. For example, you should expect these fees for flights with Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines or Swiss (outward and return flights):

  • Economy Class (short-haul): 50 to 70 euros
  • Business Class (short-haul): 70 to 100 euros
  • Economy Class (long-haul): 400 to 500 euros
  • Business Class (long-haul): 500 to 600 euros
  • First Class (long-haul): 500 to 600 euros

You can already see from this that when you redeem miles with Lufthansa Miles and More, you should above all keep an eye on the higher travel classes, as you can achieve the highest savings with your miles in relation to the actual ticket price. When redeeming in Economy Class, there can even be a curious case in which a purchase ticket would be cheaper than an award ticket. The taxes and fees mentioned also apply to mileage bargains.

At Miles and More, however, there is also the option of cleverly bypassing these high taxes and fees. This is possible through the skillful use of departure airports in certain countries, as we explained to you in a mile magic guide. You only pay very low taxes and fees when departing from one of these countries:

  • Brazil
  • Japan
  • Hong Kong
  • Philippines

Make sure, however, that these savings are only possible if you book a return flight separately. On a return flight from Germany to Rio de Janeiro, the regular taxes and fees apply, but if you book the outward and return flights separately, you only pay half the taxes.

A surcharge is also waived for some Star Alliance airlines. On long-haul routes, we recommend ANA, Avianca, EVA Air, Thai Airways, Ethiopian Airlines and SAS. For example, here are the fees for a return flight on the cheap airlines:

  • ANA (Frankfurt - Tokyo, Business Class): 135,000 miles + 100 euros
  • Avianca (Madrid - Bogota, Business Class): 135,000 miles + 80 euros
  • EVA Air (Vienna - Taipei, Business Class): 135,000 miles + 340 euros
  • Ethiopian Airlines (Frankfurt - Addis Ababa, Business Class): 70,000 miles + 160 euros
  • SAS (Copenhagen - Tokyo, Business Class): 135,000 miles + 25 euros
  • Thai Airways (Frankfurt - Bangkok): 135,000 miles + 100 euros

In addition, there are generally no taxes or fees for domestic flights on Miles and More award flights outside Europe. This is also the case within the USA, for example.

Redeem Miles and More miles for upgrades

In addition to redemption for free flights, Miles & More also offers the option of redemption for upgrades. There is a separate chart for this, which shows you the miles required for an upgrade on all routes (the values ​​apply to a one-way flight):

The values ​​apply to Lufthansa and its subsidiaries in the same way as all partners of the Star Alliance. Unfortunately, miles cannot be used to upgrade from other partners or from Condor. In addition, there are a few other restrictions with regard to upgrades at Miles & More.

In principle, all cheap booking classes are excluded from the use of the upgrade bonus. At Lufthansa and its subsidiaries, this applies, for example, to booking classes K, L and T (particularly cheap economy class tickets). The exact conditions for upgrades with other Star Alliance airlines can be obtained from the hotline. Generally, however, a request must be made, which is usually rejected by the airlines if the booking situation is good.

In addition, cheap booking classes are excluded from upgrades with almost all airlines, so in case of doubt you have to pay extra in order to use an upgrade bonus. In addition, the values ​​are very high, which means that an upgrade is only marginally cheaper than a pure flight award. To North America, upgrading from Economy Class to Business Class from a normal booking class will result in 50,000 miles for a one-way flight or 100,000 miles for a return flight. As part of the mileage bargain, you can book a business class flight for 55,000 miles and around 500 euros in taxes and fees. If you want to redeem your miles and achieve the highest value in the process, a Miles and More award flight often makes more sense.

How exactly upgrades work at Lufthansa is described again in a comprehensive guide.

Spend miles with Lufthansa Miles and More - Travel

Traveling with partners is a much less attractive option for redeeming Lufthansa Miles and More miles. For example, you can book the following services:

  • Hotels
  • Cruises
  • Rental car

Although the flexibility in redeeming is quite appealing, we would strongly advise against redeeming this kind of money. The equivalent is rather modest when booking hotels as well as cruises and rental cars. In the rarest of cases, you will receive an equivalent value of more than 0.7 cents per mile, which in our calculation of the value of a mile at Miles and More is one of the worst values ​​ever.

As an example, we want to show you this with a hotel booking on a weekend of two nights in Berlin. For the Moxy Berlin Ostbahnhof there are over 20,000 miles for two nights:

If, on the other hand, you book with the cheapest provider via Trivago, you pay 60 euros per night:

Spending 20,000 miles instead of 120 euros is a catastrophic deal in our opinion, which is why we would advise against redeeming this type in any case. When redeeming miles with Lufthansa Miles and More, you should definitely stick to flights.

Spend miles with Lufthansa Miles and More - rewards

Since Miles & More is no longer just an airline's program, miles can now also be redeemed for a wide variety of non-cash rewards. The best-known redemption of this kind is certainly the Lufthansa WorldShop, where you can buy numerous items for travel, accessories such as watches and many other things as Miles and More awards. Unfortunately, the equivalent value is even worse than redeeming for travel independent of flights.

You can see that well in this example:

If you buy an Olympus E-10 in the Lufthansa WorldShop, you pay 799 euros or 236,000 miles. So you even get less than 0.3 cents for your mile. In addition, the camera would be significantly cheaper at other dealers, so that the value of a mile is even worse.

Other options for redeeming material rewards, for example through on-board sales, with partner Heinemann or, for example, through Heathrow Rewards, do not bring significantly better value. If you're thinking about which way is the best to redeem miles at Lufthansa Miles and More, you should exclude redemption for non-cash rewards right away.

Redeem Lufthansa Miles and More miles for vouchers and donations

Last but not least, miles can also be redeemed at Lufthansa Miles and More for vouchers and donations. When it comes to vouchers, Miles & More is currently working with a partner, Chic Oulet Shopping. This group includes branches all over Europe, for example the Ingolstadt Village. Here, too, the equivalent value for redeeming miles is catastrophic, for example, for a 100 euro voucher you have to spend 33,000 award miles. The equivalent per mile is even less than 0.3 cents per mile, so you should definitely refrain from redeeming this.

At reisetopia, it's all about showing you the best value for your miles. But if you just fly too much anyway and redeeming miles at Miles and More is too time-consuming, you can think about one last option: donating. This is possible for the Lufthansa Group's aid organization help alliance. You can choose between a free donation of 3,000 to 50,000 miles or a specific donation. For example, the following donations with miles are possible:

  • 3,000 miles for a month of school fees, teaching materials and uniforms for 6 children in India
  • 6,000 miles to finance an additional teacher for one month in Africa
  • 10,000 miles for the educational care of three children for 6 months in South America

In addition, you can choose numerous other purposes in order to tie your donation to a project of your choice. If you cannot redeem your miles sensibly or if they expire, I would most likely recommend this option to you. The (non-profit) equivalent is in any case greater than in the Lufthansa WorldShop.

Spend miles with Lufthansa Miles and More - conclusion

There are now countless ways to redeem miles with Miles and More. However, the best option is and remains to redeem miles for flights. If you choose a flight award, you can simply get the most out of a mile. In our guide to the value of a mile at Miles and More, we showed you that a mile can in principle be worth between 0.3 and 7 cents. If you take the miles redeemed at Lufthansa Miles and More seriously and are looking for the best (flight) award, you can also get the maximum value out of your miles. Redeeming for mileage bargains or booking with partners with significantly lower taxes and fees can be extremely attractive!

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