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Share-It or Clickbank - There is an Alternative! Digibank24 ...

Share-It or Clickbank - There is an Alternative! Digistore24 ...

You already know the common affiliate basics, I have already discussed the dangers of affiliate marketing in my article "Affiliate marketing: This is the only way to protect yourself as a beginner from falling out".

If a certain promotion is being conveyed through your website, you will be paid a commission. So if your visitor clicks on one of your website links, a "cookie" is usually automatically set in order to manifest your recommendation through you as an affiliate partner ...

So far, so good in theory:

And now the ghosts are arguing, when two marketers claim “the commission” for one and the same product, what does the “first” or the “last” click count ???

Both models have their supporters and their opponents - plausible arguments can be found for both sides:

The (first) cookie trap ...

For example, ShareIt's first cookie principle is combined with a 6-month (!) Cookie. And the fatal one: Once a cookie has been set, it does not only apply to the product being advertised, it also applies to all other products that the respective provider sells via Share-It! If the customer then buys this or another product from one of these providers within these 6 months, the "first, old" cookie then unfolds its effect and the first agent receives the commission and not the affiliate who actually brokered the purchase.

Since marketers with large lists can set their cookies “in good time” here, I recommend small affiliates not to advertise anything that works with the “first cookie” principle: because here is the risk of ultimately losing your “actually” earned money Commission for being scammed very high.

Last cookie wins ...

Practice most of the major affiliate networks, including Clickbank for example. Here the affiliate receives his vision, who really conveyed it - and not only set a cookie at the beginning. For me the fairest solution. But at Clickbank it has a big disadvantage, if you only make little turnover, your credit balance can practically vanish into thin air and the transaction costs from euros to Clickbank dollars and then back into euros can turn out to be very expensive ...

I wanted to avoid these well-known and much discussed disadvantages of Clickbank for my affiliates. In my search for an alternative provider that works according to the “Last Coockie Wins” principle, which is safe for my affiliates, I came across the relatively unknown provider “Digistore24”. Because I liked my test sales page exceptionally well


and I also find it almost optimal from the customer's point of view, I have dealt more intensively with "Digistore24" and the people behind it:

Sven Platte had answered my "support inquiries" extremely quickly and precisely, so that I wanted to offer my readers a lot more information about this project.

I spontaneously asked him to report about himself and his project:

Sven Platte, thank you for your willingness to offer my readers some background information, please tell me a few words about yourself and your career first:

Even as a medical student, I saw the huge potential for making money on the Internet. I was fascinated by the idea of ​​building structures there that would offer other people added value. I graduated from university as a dentist in 2008 and have since built several internet companies.

How did you get into internet marketing:

I was in my teens when the internet started taking shape. I had seen the first advertisements and internet shops there and for years wondered how I could do it without any programming knowledge - at that time it still seemed like an insurmountable obstacle to me. But the dream was just too good - I could sleep in, travel around, or play sports while my website is automatically making money on the internet. The thought was just too sexy to give up on this dream. So I stayed with it.

What have you created on the Internet so far:

After graduating from university in 2008, I set up an information product company, LP eMedia, with my then business partner Kristof Lindner, which was already making seven-digit sales a year after it was founded. We have made many websites with information products in the areas of dating, fitness, weight loss, forex, etc.

What was the reason, to bring into being:

That gave me the perspective to see that something was missing on the German market: a real German alternative to Clickbank and Shareit. Therefore, in 2012, together with other business partners, the banker Anthony Kossatz and the IT expert Christian Neise, I set up the website, which is to offer German info product entrepreneurs or info-preneurs, as I like to call them, an affiliate and payment platform. Infopreneurs should be able to concentrate on what they do best, because that's how they can be most successful: making and marketing great products. Digibank24 takes care of bureaucratic tasks such as billing and accounting for affiliate commissions. It also has a large marketplace where our affiliates look for products to market.

What distinguishes Digistore24 from other providers such as Clickbank or ShareIT?

First of all, we are a German company - that creates trust with the buyer.

Digistore24 was designed by vendors and affiliates, so it is practical. We offer a beautiful and individually customizable payment form, the structure of which is specially tailored to the taste of German-speaking buyers from Central Europe. This creates trust and comfort with the buyer, so that the purchase rate is comparatively higher. Furthermore, we are a platform that is ultimately designed by the affiliates and vendors themselves. Features such as joint ventures, the Level2 partner program (second tier function) and the connection of membership software such as wishlist members and digital access pass were all based on suggestions from the Digistore24 community. It is not we who decide "from above" how Digistore24 should look like, but our members.

Do your customers have a contact person, what about support and help?

We like to call our "customers" members because we see ourselves as a community and we are all in the same boat. I am personally available to answer questions from affiliates and vendors to help. You can reach me via my email [email protected] or via Skype. The nickname there is "svenplatte".

What other advantages of should I know?

Another great advantage of Digitore24 is that we avoid exchanging currencies. If a customer buys in EUR from some US providers, the amount is exchanged twice: from EUR to USD and back. The provider may take a high conversion fee. With us, conversions are omitted as far as possible. Our transaction costs are also cheaper than with Clickbank and Shareit. Last but not least: ELV (note: ELV stands for: electronic direct debit) is at the top of our payment forms, which increases the purchase rate.


Now we come to the more personal questions:

Which role models are you based on?

Steve Jobs, Schwarzenegger and Ferdinand Piech inspire me a lot.

Have you made mistakes - and if so, which mistakes have helped you the most?

We hired a cheap but not very quality-conscious programming team for one of our first projects. We hadn't noticed that for a long time, until we had a top programmer in management. That cost us a lot of money; The lesson from this: Only outsource things whose quality you can judge for yourself.

What 5 steps do you recommend to a newcomer who might want to start their own business?

1. Find your passion and your niche

2. Gain experience in the field - e.g. as an employee

3. Formulate your goals and build a team.

4. Found your company

5. Never give up.

What are your own rules of success right now? What do you base your success on?

My rules: I practice thinking successfully every day, because that determines my actions. I know my numbers so I can make the right decisions. I never give up.

That's it for today, thank you Mr. Platte for this information ...

Make the most of it for yourself, think about whether it really makes sense for you to support providers with the first cookie strategy

wishes you

Dr. Hans-Jürgen Karg

PS: If you would like more background information on the "first or last wins" principle, on cookies, etc., here are some further articles:

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