Who is the nastiest movie villain

The best movie villains of all time

What makes a movie villain a top villain that will be remembered years later?

He or she has to spread fear and horror and really make the viewer white hot. The protagonist in the film does not always manage to rise above the antagonist and the antagonist is not always the evil one, around whom everything revolves.

We are concerned with "the bad guys" in films, whether they are opponents in the classic sense or even as the main character. Certainly there are some other bad guys worth mentioning, but at some point it was clear to us that the T-Rex was out Jurassic Park doesn't belong on our list, he just follows his instinct and has even eaten a lawyer. We present you in our List of the best villains of all time Figures who can really cause trouble and are remembered. Without them, some classic films would only be half as good. As always, we do not claim to be complete and the order may not work for one or the other.

And also Louise Fletcher from One flew over the cuckoo's nest did not make the list, as did some other opponents. Do you see it differently? Then create your own top list of the best bad guys!