How do you use influencer marketing

Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing: Brief Explanation

Influencers are opinion leaders and multipliers on the social web. These are influential people on the Internet, such as bloggers. Influencer marketing is therefore a marketing method that includes these influencers.

Detailed explanation:

In order to distribute their products and content specifically to the right people, many companies rely on so-called influencer marketing. Influencers can be influential bloggers, online marketers or SEOs, for example. These are interesting for companies' marketing on the social web because of their reach, their reputation or their expert status. Relevant influencers act as multipliers by disseminating company content to their audience.

Companies have different goals when they contact influencers, for example:

  • Increase the company's visibility on Google
  • Increase awareness of the company
  • Bring traffic to the company's website
  • generate more social signals (likes, comments, etc.)
  • Link building

What is influencer marketing?

Criteria for selecting suitable influencers

Which influencers are suitable as cooperation partners for a company depends on the respective market and the target group. Companies should first ask themselves who are the key opinion leaders in their industry. The following factors provide clues as to which people are suitable as influencers for a company:

  • Activity in the network
  • Activity on social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter
  • credibility
  • Number of relevant contacts
  • Fan and follower numbers (e.g. Twitter) of the influencer
  • Expert status on a specific topic

Find and address influencers

The first point of contact for finding influencers is the personal network. If you ask personal contacts to distribute your own content, this is far more promising than addressing unknown people. However, building a good network takes time and contacts have to be maintained regularly.

In addition, it makes sense to research the internet and social media for suitable influencers. Various monitoring tools such as Social Mention, Tweetreach and Google+ Ripples (click on “View distribution” next to publicly shared posts on Google Plus) are available for this purpose. Companies can also rely on agencies that support them in identifying and targeting influencers.

Companies often contact influencers via email. Addressing industry events is also promising. In order to successfully seed content via influencers, companies should be aware of the extent to which their own content is relevant for the influencer. Is the content unique and how does it add value to the influencer's audience? It also helps to spread and mention relevant content of your contacts as well.


Well-connected influencers can be very valuable to companies. When identifying influencers, the reach in the respective industry is important, but in the opinion of many experts, the focus should be on qualitative aspects. The most important thing is which people an influencer is networked with and to what extent they are credible from the target group's perspective.

When addressing influencers, personal contact is particularly promising. What is important is the quality and relevance of the content offered to him. Because only when the influencer recognizes added value for his contacts or himself will he be ready to share the company's content.

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