Snail is a common dish in France

French recipes - seafood

Roman snails with herb butter

This hearty dish for snails with herb butter not only tastes good, it is also quick to prepare.

Moules Mariniéres

The recipe for the Moules Mariniéres is one of the most elegant ways to prepare mussels, because their brew is refined with wine and Pernod.

Grilled mussels

There is almost nothing that cannot be cooked on the grill - here is a recipe for delicious grilled mussels.

Prawn fricassee

Caramelized carrot sticks add a premium flavor to this recipe for an unusual prawn fricassee.


At Bouillabaisse, holiday memories are awakened - there are countless recipes for the world-famous French fish soup.

French mussels

This French mussel recipe is like a trip to a bistro in France. Delicious, full of flavors and very easy to prepare.

Quiche with mozzarella

A particularly delicate quiche with mozzarella, vegetables and prawns succeed with this ingenious recipe.

Red snapper with shell velouté

This recipe is special and very delicate. The red snapper with mussel velouté is a liaison of fish and seafood in a velvety sauce.


Fresh clams and vegetables in a creamy sauce - this recipe brings the Mediterranean to your plate.