What does relationships mean now

8 phases of a relationship: this is how love works in stages

Did you know it's biological Principles in the Partner choice gives? These 3 phases are the same for everyone and form the basis for the later stages of a relationship themselves. Overall, there are 8 phases of a relationship, which we will now explain to you in more detail. And what actually happens after that? Is the relationship over then?


3 Biological principles when choosing a partner

The choice of partner is one of the key issues in the Behavioral biology and is closely related to physiological and externalFeatures.
According to a neurobiological study, there are three biological principles:

1. Choosing a partner that is as similar as possible

Also known as homogamy, it means choosing a partner who comes close to the parents in terms of behavior and appearance.
Despite our complex psyche, highly cognitive and rational components in our choice of partner and the strong social and cultural influences, the appearance of the parent of the opposite sex also has an influence on our choice of partner.

2. The smell of a potential partner

Men as well as women decide through the Sense of smell, whether a person as enjoyable and attractive is felt.
Information: In behavioral biology, this goes back to the origin of being able to distinguish the similarity of one's own or closely related to that of a stranger. People who are genetically not directly related are classified as much more attractive in terms of smell.

3. Choosing a biologically "fit" partner as possible

A person would like to combine their own genes with genes from a partner that are as fit as possible.
But what does fit mean? There are many factors that influence this and which, for example, can only be assessed by observing the behavior of a potential partner.
In humans it plays attractiveness of Facial a major role - symmetryis perceived as beautiful. Physical symmetry is also a predictor for longevity, fertility and health become.
But also the intelligence belongs to the category of looking for a partner that is as fit as possible.
It should be emphasized here, however, that this is natural are not all factors in partner choice. Our behavior is extremely complex, with manyFactors which are not described here - but depending on the situation and circumstance could be much heavier than the factors mentioned.

The 8 phases of a relationship

1. Partner search or partner choice

The Relationship initiation on more romanticlevel begins with the active decision to search for a partner. The choice of partner is not yet a concrete part of the relationship, but it is ultimately the factor that determines how we choose or whether we choose someone.
Even singles who are looking for a long-term partner but are not yet active have certain selection criteria at the beginning.

2. The phase of being in love

The phase with the biggestexcitement anduncertainty at the same time is the phase of being in love.
You feel like you can hug the world and can't wait to meet your partner again. Every second would you like best togetherspend and everything else in your life fades into the background. They enjoy and celebrate the time together.
In this phase you get to know each other more intensively and build a common basis for your further partnership.
How long does the falling in love phase last? It can only last 3 months, or it can last up to 1 year.
The biggest problem lies in this phase of the relationship:
The rose-colored glasses distort our view and we cannot make objective decisions. If falling in love gradually wears off, this often leads to the end of many relationships - because the feeling can simply no longer be sustained.

3. The feeling of being in love fades

Back to life, back to reality - You have taken off your rose-colored glasses and you are gradually coming back to reality. You can now see your partner with clear eyes - including his weaknesses, quirks, fears and Co.
The feeling of being in love disappears and you see your partner more clearly than ever before - you may also ask yourself why you haven't noticed one or the other quirk before. In the rush of emotions, you simply overlooked it.
But now you are slowly starting to feel a little angry, which indicates the transition to the next phase.

4. Discover mistakes and weaknesses of the partner

You know each other pretty well by now, but at this stage you unconsciously start yours partner to check.
Can your partner do the expectationsthat you have at all fulfill? Can you live with the quirks and weaknesses your partner brings with you? Do you have similar goals and habits?
This is where the most common quarrels arise. Again and again you get angry about little things and literally pull yourself up on the mistakes of your partner.
And why do you only notice this now and not since the beginning of the relationship?
This is where it is decided whether they really fit together, because unfortunately many couples do not manage this phase of the relationship. Conflicts, discussions and arguments take over and you feel it doesn't make sense anymore.
How long is this phase of the relationship? You can go to second year the relationship last.

5. Attempts at raising children

Everyday life breaks down on you and with it peculiarities and your own head. Power struggles happen quite often in this phase of the relationship, because you wantyourselfbothpush through.
The socks next to the laundry basket, the make-up on the shelf in the bathroom, or sometimes more than that. You feel like yours partnerraising and changeto have to - or maybe they don't match at all? Don't despair now, because that's completely normal and part of growing together!
The good in this relationship phase? If you survive this phase together, becomesit is finally quieter.
But for that you have to admit to giving in or Compromiseenter and your partner like thatacceptas he is. After all, you also have quirks that your partner doesn't like and that you don't even notice.
How long does the parenting attempt phase last? she can several years last - depending on how you and your partner are knitted.

6. Phases of a relationship: First structuring

The small Power struggles belong to the past and your relationship seems to be solidifying. You draw your personal conclusions from the last phase. Can the "we" exist in the long term? Do I have enough time for myself and my needs? Is that really what I want I'm happy?
If you can answer in the affirmative, you have reached the structuring phase.
This phase often happens in conjunction with the first shared apartment. You reach the next milestone and your relationship gains new value. You can imagine being a couple together in the long term.
How long does the phase last? It can last up to the 4th year of relationship, but this also varies!

7. Consolidation, organization, expansion: life planning, family planning, children and career

This phase is by far one of the most beautiful in your relationship. You have recognized how important you are to each other and what you appreciate about each other. You have now overcome many small and large hurdles together - that is a great achievement! They are welded together and are now getting closer to each other again.
Now something beautiful is ahead of you: The planning of commonLife. Common and personal wishes can always be better reconciled.
You might be planning too Marry, children to get one House to buy or whatever you have in mind and you met together.

8. Arriving together - relaxation, familiarity and security

The phase of mutual arrival is wonderful. You can feel great at this stage give a lot of freedom and great confidence. After years of discussions, conversations and small power struggles, you have more than earned it!
In addition to a mutual relationship, you have also worked out a life together according to your ideas. Your personal and common goals can be ideally combined without the other partner feeling neglected.
You enjoy being together in the relationship phase - it couldn't be nicer and you think in retrospect "We did everything right!"

What happens after going through all stages of a relationship?

Don't worry - your relationship is guaranteed not to end! Remember that as a couple, you go through many stages in a relationship and not just once. You can certainly do certain Phasesto repeat.
After all, there is always in every relationship ups and downsSo don't be unsure if things don't go as you imagine. A relationship also means a lot of work, because desires, requirements and attitudes change in the course of your personal development and in your relationship.
Your challenge is to keep repeating one balance in your relationship too Find - it will be worth the effort!