What can gifted people do

Giftedness and personality

Science doesn't have any clear relationships between personality and IQ can find. Still, some think that certain personality traits are more common in intellectually gifted people. This "personality structure of gifted people" includes:

  • Quick understanding, thinking and speaking quickly;
  • Curious, genuinely motivated, wants to solve problems;
  • Perfectionist, often combined with fear of failure;
  • Creative, full of new ideas, stubborn, negative attitude towards authorities;
  • Highly sensitive to any kind of stimulus, positive or negative.

Some of these traits can be attributed to the physiological characteristics that people with a high IQ often possess. This is not the case with others. Of course, there are also highly gifted people who are not creative, who willingly subordinate themselves to authorities, who do not react very sensitively to stimulations and generally tend to be weak.

It is right to distinguish people with the personality structure described above from others, as they can often achieve extraordinary goals. Unfortunately, not everyone is successful in life.

Factors that can hinder their development include: underperformance, depression, hypersensitivity, fear of failure or communication problems in the workplace and in relationships. For a gifted person to be happy and successful, the following conditions are very important:

  • Such a person must be taken seriously and stimulated by their parents and in school; he must be able to pursue his interests;
  • He must know his motives and passions and be able to apply them in professional life;
  • A workplace that gives you the freedom to explore new things and be creative.


What can you do to be happy and successful when you are such a gifted person?

  • Accept that you are different and that most people do not think and understand as quickly as you do;
  • Pay attention to your communication and listen to others;
  • Create your own job and do not make any “off the shelf” choices;
  • Explore what inspires you, even if it is no longer something new.

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