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Ecotourism in Saudi Arabia

This luxury tourism promotion project encompasses an archipelago of 90 islands on the west coast of Saudi Arabia and the coast of Tabuk Province. The Giga project, which began in 2017, aims to bring international tourism to these pristine islands, create up to 70,000 jobs and protect the Red Sea's ecosystem. According to the Red Sea Development Company, 100 percent renewable energies are to be used and energy generation and storage from the renewable sources on site are also among the long-term goals of the project.

“We plan to introduce various measures, including strategies to reduce waste, 100 percent climate neutrality and a complete ban on single-use plastics. Where technologies are already available to achieve this, we will apply them. Where there are no technologies available, we will try to develop them, ”the company explains on its website.

The company offers personalized discovery tours of the Red Sea coast and plans to become the largest certified light sanctuary.

"We are pleased to announce that we will be the first destination in the Middle East to seek this accreditation to ensure the protection of the natural environment and allow guests to experience the beauty of the night sky," said John Pagano, CEO of The Red Sea Development Company. “For centuries, explorers, trade caravans and pilgrims have used the night sky to find their way around our region. With accreditation, visitors can enjoy the same nightly panoramic views that have inspired travelers in ancient times ”.