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Grey's Anatomy Season 14: Cold as Ice - Review

The focus of Cold as Ice is the approaching farewell to two characters, which is due for external as well as internal reasons and is emotionally charged. You also get an insight into the (possible) future of the characters.

In the Grey's Anatomy episode Cold as Ice, the doctors at the Gray Sloan Memorial try to find the life of Dr. Save April Kepner (Sarah Drew). Meanwhile, Dr. Arizona Robbins (Jessica Capshaw) visit from her former mentor Dr. Herman (Geena Davis).

Empty vessel full of sugar who skated in a hospital

Shortly before the end of season 14, the drama focuses on the two characters who will soon no longer be part of the series - Arizona and April. Both characters have to say goodbye. While the latter is more likely to be caused by external circumstances, Arizona is a little different. That doesn't make saying goodbye any easier, as both we and Arizona are finding out.

Arizona will leave Seattle and move to New York for her daughter's sake, since Callie also lives there. During her adoption (and simultaneous resignation) with (with) Dr. Bailey (Chandra Wilson) has to pull herself together so she doesn't cry. Opposite her, Arizona tries to keep the positive side of her move to New York in mind. Not only does she say this so that Bailey is appeased, but she also tells herself the reasons for moving again.

While Bailey replies extremely flattering words that remind us of the "good old days" with Robbins, Dr. Webber (James Pickens Jr.) is very different and lets his displeasure run free. However, one can also tell from his words that he will miss her and her cherished work.

Jessica Capshaw and Geena Davis in "Grey's Anatomy" © ABC

Creating more robinses

Finally, Dr. Herman paid her a visit. She has her brain examined to make sure the tumor that left her blind has not returned. When she realized that the tumor would cause her to lose her sight, she wanted to pass on her knowledge and expertise to someone. That someone was Dr. Arizona Robbins, to whom she became a kind of mentor.

After her apprenticeship had an impact on Robbins, she realized that her sophisticated knowledge was still worth something. Even if she cannot save any more lives herself, it is still possible for her to indirectly save thousands of lives. Namely, by passing on her knowledge and teaching at universities such as UCSF (= University California San Francisco).

With the help of Robbins, she recognized the positive side of the loss of her eyesight and her job as a surgeon. That saved her from a really dark place and gave her life meaning again. However, she didn't know how to thank her directly. Therefore, she avoided contact with her. Since Arizona was not aware of this, she was a little hurt by Herman's behavior and, accordingly, initially reacts soberly to Herman's appearance.

In the end, however, the two make up again and their former mentor even makes Robbins an offer that is everything she has ever wished for: Dr. Nicole Herman would like to open a clinic wherever Robbins wants to be there for the health of expectant mothers and their embryos. This is where Arizona's new method of saving mothers' lives will be applied and taught. Herman could also disseminate her own knowledge there in a targeted manner. So here the ideas of both for fetal surgery would be united.

This suggestion sounds exactly like what Arizona might like and what would suit her. She really deserved a job like that. That doesn't make saying goodbye to the always cheerful doctor any easier, but at least we know that she will fare well in this place.

Warm and dead

With Arizona's character looking to a bright future, April doesn't seem to be the case - at least for a short period of time that seems like an eternity. Matthew (Justin Bruening), who is admitted to the hospital injured, draws the doctors' attention to the fact that April was with him and could be injured. When this is found, it is “cold as ice” because it has been lying in the ice-cold water for hours. She suffers from hypothermia - similar to Meredith back then. The fact that Meredith went through the same thing and survived it is reassuring, but one always doubts that April will make it.

Maggie (Kelly McCreary), Meredith (Ellen Pompeo), Owen (Kevin McKidd) and several interns work together to save their lives. Several things stand out here. On the one hand, you can see here that it is always a difficult task to keep a cool head when the life of an acquaintance is in your own hands. While it should be clear to everyone that a clear mind is more likely to save April's life, some do better and some worse. Thus, the Gray Sloan's doctors always vacillate between their work as treating doctors and their relationship as (grieving and) bewildered friends.

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A beautiful scene that perfectly captures the surgeon's slowly escalating despair emerges in the operating room. After trying for hours to get April's heart beating again, the doctors are exhausted. This is where Owen comes up with an important idea. On the one hand, this can be interpreted as meaning that they no longer know what to do and have done everything in their power. So they gave up April, which you can clearly see in Alex's words. While he was talking about Dr. Kepner speaks, he uses the past tense. So while some April may have given up, Maggie is still fighting desperately for her. What at first may seem like unnecessary and painful measures (for those present) quickly turns out to be the right solution to bring April back.

On the other hand, this very act of prayer also means a kind of tribute to Kepner. None of the surgeons present is essentially religious. However, knowing that April believes in God and that it would mean a lot to her, they pray together. Looking back on the fact that she recently went through a major crisis of faith, I find this a thoroughly appropriate and touching gesture from Kepner's colleagues. Prayer is not only used in the operating room, but also in the patient room. After clearing the first hurdle, Jackson prays that God will not let his child's mother die. In this deeply touching scene, Jesse Williams gives everything he has and it pays off. His performance touches to the core! Finally, it should be noted that his conversation with God has had two effects: April wakes up again. This fact is (very likely) decisive for Jackson turning to God again.

Meanwhile, Arizona clears up the others about April and Matthew's relationship. After she lost her child and he lost his wife, they were united in their grief and shared belief in God. As a result, they found each other again, gave each other support and fell in love with each other. While some people may not have liked the two as fiancés, they now appear so much as a harmonious and united couple. For my part, I am glad that they found each other again and that April is happy again.

Finally, April wakes up and you realize what a big family in which everyone cares for one another, the doctors at the Gray Sloan Memorial are after all. Everyone is delighted when April opens their eyes. Meredith cracks some jokes about going through the same thing as April and asks about her experience. In turn, she counters with humorous allusions to Jesus, which again illustrate how well April has dealt with her crisis. Plus, both Jackson and Arizona are just relieved that April is fine again. While the former is simply speechless, the sensitive Arizona keeps breaking into tears. This is another very successful scene in which all characters have their place.

Finally, the only thing that can be said about April's storyline in the episode is that Shonda Rhimes has once again managed to fool us. Due to the fact that Sarah Drew is leaving the hospital series, there was always the possibility that her character wouldn't come out alive. The creators have skilfully played with this possibility. While I don't like this part of April's near death too much, it's very well designed. We are offered emotional moments that are naturally bet on, but such moments are always the strength of the drama, so that as a "Grey's" viewer you shouldn't be averse. In addition, each character is allowed to present themselves individually, which means that their different traits, pasts and relationships with other characters can also be processed.

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I only see yellow, yellow and yellow

During all of this, the rest of the storylines are throttled, but not stopped. If the hospital drama ever did one thing well, apart from emotionally charged moments, it was always juggling several stories at the same time. Amelia (Caterina Scorsone) helps Betty (Peyton Kennedy) with her withdrawal. Owen asks Bailey for advice on parenting and is quick to regret it. In the meantime, Jo (Camilla Luddington) and Alex (Justin Chambers) are busy with the wedding preparations.


As expected, with Cold as Ice we are offered a very emotional episode that leads us a little by the nose. But that's not too bad, because you get another insight into the characters. Overall, the episode is about saying goodbye to Arizona and April. Therefore, the focus is on the two characters, which sheds light on their lives and their future.

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