How does smoking make you look older?

Study unhealthy living New Study: Smoking and Drinking Alcohol Make You Look Older

Smoking and drinking alcohol are no longer anything special in our society. Tobacco and alcohol can be bought at affordable prices on every corner. For many, addictive substances have become indispensable: they have become part of everyday life and it is simply part of smoking and drinking alcohol with friends and work colleagues. But that is not without consequences. A large Danish study followed 11,500 people over 40 years and found that smokers and alcohol drinkers showed four typical signs of early aging.

Giant study on smoking and drinking alcohol - that's what the researchers investigated

The Danish scientists examined four signs of aging on the face as part of their study, which are considered to be the most common causes of smoking and drinking alcohol: Wrinkles on the earlobe, gray circles or arches around the cornea of ​​the eye, yellow-orange fatty deposits on the eyelids, and male baldness.

In the past, these four signs of looking older were seen as possible indicators of an increased risk of cardiovascular disease. However, the exact link between these signs and the risk of heart disease remains unclear.

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In 1976, the scientists began their research. To date, it is a group of over 11,500 subjects with an age range between 21 and 86 years. More than half of all women and two-thirds of men in the study have known themselves to be smokers. When it came to drinking alcohol, women treated themselves to an average of 2.6 drinks a week, while men said they drink as much as 11.4 drinks a week.

People who smoke look older faster

The study showed that women who had 28 or more drinks a week - that's roughly four times the average - had a 33 percent chance of developing the above signs of aging. Women who had 35 or more drinks a week were 35 percent more likely to develop the same traits.

Smokers who had smoked about one packet of cigarettes a day for between 15 and 30 years with a 41 percent higher probability of developing the given signs of aging. Scientists believe the loss of elasticity in the skin is one of the reasons for the premature aging of the face in smokers.