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  • Electric children's cars are available as both one and two-seater. In addition, licensed manufacturers orient themselves towards the design of real cars from well-known brands.
  • Children's electric vehicles usually drive a maximum of 6 km / h and often only reach them via a special high-speed gear.
  • An electric car for children with a remote control offers parents additional security. Many types and categories of children's electric vehicles also have seat belts. You can already find a safe electric car for your child among the cheap children's electric cars.

The range of small e-cars for children has grown steadily in recent years. If you are looking for the right children's car, the Selection of different construction types and equipment You can quickly overwhelm you. Our purchase advice gives you a good overview.

We show you what advantages and disadvantages certain types have and answer common questions about electric vehicles for children. You will also find out why you should keep your hands off vehicles with plastic tires in certain cases.

1. From the tractor to the sports car: A large selection of construction types for children's cars

Motorized vehicles for kids these days offer much more than just forward and reverse gear. The electric children’s cars are available in many different versions with a range of functions. The licensed branded models, which are replicas of real vehicles, often have slightly larger equipment, but are also correspondingly more expensive.

Children's vehicles are not only available as sports cars or tractors, but also also as a go-kart for children. This is reminiscent of the pedal-operated pedal cars. The execution has some advantages and disadvantages. We have the most important points for you collected:

  • Perfect for children who are enthusiastic about motorsport
  • More safety thanks to the low center of gravity
  • Often 5-point belts and multifunction steering wheels
  • Can only accommodate one child
  • Cheap variants often without a seat belt
  • Good models are relatively expensive

Depending on which model you have in mind, you can count on a more or less generous equipment. However, simple sounds that mimic typical car noises are more or less standard. You will also find this on many models working headlights in front. However, these are primarily only intended to bring a little more realism into the game. However, your child should not play with a children's car in the dark as long as it is not in their own garden.

Even if you find completely different functions in some cases, a certain standard has established itself. The following table shows you which functions are actually common in every electric children's car:

Light and sound 
  • Realistic car sounds
  • Radio functions and USB connection
  • Headlights and lighting in the interior
Different courses 
  • Forward and reverse gear
  • Optional high-speed gear for top speed
  • Reliable brakes


Safety precautions 
  • Remote control for parents
  • Seat belt
  • Speed ​​limit at 6 km / h, for example

2. Models of electric cars for children

2.1 Also license models from major car manufacturers

It is not uncommon for manufacturers of children's electric cars own series with replicas of really existing cars. This is how you come across quickly when searching Children's electric cars in the AMG-Mercedes look or on small electric versions of Audis or BMWs. However, the technical differences are often very small as far as the engine is concerned.

The watt output of the electric motors in children's cars is around 70 to 90 watts. However, these performance differences are secondary because of the performance generally sufficient to move a toddler at 3 to 6 km per hour. Differences in battery life are more noticeable. The charging time, on the other hand, is up to 10 hours in any case. We therefore recommend charging a children's car overnight.

2.2. Tires and wheels: rubber tires make for less noise

You get models for boys and girls.

The choice of tires should depend on both the budget and the venues where the electric children's car is to be used. The cheapest option are hard plastic wheels. These are very cheap and therefore mainly found in models in the lower price range, however, they also generate a lot of noise when driving. If your child is allowed to drive the electric vehicle in the apartment, then you should think about a slightly more expensive option.

A An alternative are wheels with correct tires made of rubber. The rubber is not only comparatively very quiet, but also offers significantly more grip on damp or smooth surfaces. As a parent, you not only save your nerves, but also offer your child more realistic and safe driving pleasure. Have high-end vehicles with licenses partly also tires made of ethylene vinyl acetate. This material offers the greatest comfort.

3. Electric cars for children in comparison

3.1. Criteria for the purchase advice

Especially if you want to use electric car child tests to get an overview of the latest and greatest electric cars for children, you should know what to look out for. The following criteria are important:

  • height and weight
  • Seats
  • Performance characteristics
  • Battery life
  • Age recommendation
  • Information about the functions
What electric vehicles are there for children?

In addition to the cars, there are also versions in the form of motorcycles, tractors, construction machinery, and even trains available. This way, the individual taste of your child can be fully catered for.

Particularly small cars can only accommodate one child. Slightly larger children's electric cars are 2-seater and should therefore also have a little more power. Unfortunately, many electric car-child comparisons do not provide reliable information on battery life. However, these are usually kept rather vague by the manufacturer.

3.2. Recommended and sensible equipment

Cool on the go!

For security reasons alone we recommend an electric car with a remote control. This allows you to intervene in emergencies and can also be useful if your child is not yet able to steer well. Entry-level models as electric cars for 2-year-old children therefore almost always come with a remote control. Another seat belts are a good safety precaution.

Although your child will not suffer any injuries if it collides with an object at a speed of no more than 6 kilometers per hour, it cannot fall out. Other expensive extras such as headlights with xenon lights are rather unnecessary and do not offer much added value when playing. However, tests in 2021 advise built-in radios with MP3 function. These increase the fun and ensure that the little ones are kept busy.

Tip: Since batteries cannot last forever, they should be replaceable in a car for small children. You should therefore pay particular attention to information on this in tests.

4. Licensed models and no-name children's cars: Mercedes is one step ahead

Children's electric cars that look like their big role models are often particularly popular with the youngsters. That is why various manufacturers offer the miniaturized replicas. A A good children's electric car in Audi look is the Audi RS5 car for children from the manufacturer Actionbikes. If your child would rather have a BMW than a children's electric car, the BMW X6 model from Nitro Motors is ideal.

Electric cars for toddlers however, they can do without a big brand name. This is proven by various Crooza products. In terms of price, however, they are a little over 100 euros only 40 to 80 euros behind the copies of Mercedes, Audi and BMW. Electric vehicles for children are therefore often priced below high-quality pedal cars with pedals.

Note: The difference in price isn't just related to the brand name, however. The expensive products also have more stable frames and bodies. It is not uncommon for steel to be used, which makes the car heavier but also more robust.

5. Questions and answers on the subject of electric cars for children

5.1. Which manufacturers are there?

The following list includes the most common and popular manufacturers of electric cars for children:

  • Crooza
  • Action bikes
  • Simron
  • Toyas
  • Peg Perego
  • Smoby
  • Nitro Motors

5.2. When are electric cars suitable for children?

In general, electric children's cars are recommended for girls and boys from the age of approximately 3 years. However, you should pay attention to the actual level of development of your child. It should be big enough and have enough power to steer the vehicle.

Also, especially for young children Reclining seat models recommended. Since your offspring often grows very quickly at this age, it must be possible to adapt the car to its size. In the beginning, an electric car with 6 V makes sense, as these are slower than 12 V cars.

Note: An optional remote control gives you the security of being able to intervene in the control of the children's electric car in an emergency.

5.3. Which children's electric cars are the best?

Since it so far no comprehensive electric car child test from an independent testing institute there is no definitive electric car child test winner can be named. However, there are clear criteria to look out for before buying an electric car for your child.

It is also important that the performance characteristics are appropriate to the level of development of your child. Especially small children from 3 years of age can quickly be overwhelmed with a 12 V model with 90 watts. Better performance is not always the right choice in this case.

Despite the mostly low speed, all current children's cars are actually equipped with seat belts.

5.4. Is there already an electric car child test from Stiftung Warentest?

Large testing institutes such as Stiftung Warentest or Ökotest provide valuable information when it comes to consumer protection. Even if the independent organizations regularly test a large number of products So far no separate test for children's electric cars released.

Great fun outdoors.

However, in a somewhat older test, Stiftung Warentest examined many different children's toys for their pollution. Unfortunately, the test portal came to the result that many manufacturers did not adhere to the legal requirements and that there were other safety deficiencies in addition to a sometimes high level of pollution.

5.5. How safe are children's electric cars?

When electric cars became more popular for children in the 1990s, there was a lot of criticism for inadequate safety precautions for the children. With modern children's vehicles, however, you will a lot of security features Find.

These include Seat belts, remote controls and waterproof motors. However, you should always keep an eye on your child when playing with one of the electric vehicles, unless they are playing in their own garden or on a fenced off area.

5.6. Need to assemble the cars

Since an electric children's car is usually very compact, it is delivered pre-assembled. Only that The wheels and the driver's seat often still need to be attached. However, no special tools are required for this, and assembly is easy even for technically untrained people.

What grades did the individual electric cars for children receive in our comparison?

You can choose your personal electric car for children test winner from the following list:

  • First place - very good: Ford Ranger 2018 from Actionbikes Motors - exemplary internet price: 500 euros
  • Second place - very good: Mercedes Benz G63 W463 from Actionbikes Motors - exemplary internet price: 200 euros
  • Third place - good: children's electric car Audi Q7 from Actionbikes - exemplary internet price: 270 euros
  • Fourth place - good: Super Sport from Actionbikes Motors - exemplary internet price: 130 euros
  • Fifth place - good: ML 4x4 4MATIC 350 SUV from Mercedes-Benz - exemplary internet price: 150 euros
  • Sixth place - good: Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG from Actionbikes Motors - exemplary internet price: 140 euros
  • Seventh place - good: Children's electric car Mercedes ML 350 from Actionbikes Motors - exemplary internet price: 150 euros
  • Eighth place - good: Actionbikes Motors Audi R8 Spyder from Actionsbikes Motors - exemplary internet price: 230 euros
  • Ninth place - satisfactory: Mercedes-Benz GT-R from crooza - exemplary internet price: 140 euros
  • Tenth place - satisfactory: Homcom children's car - exemplary internet price: 290 euros

The distribution of ratings for electric cars for children in comparison is particularly even. From the total of 6 different manufacturers, 2 "very good" electric cars for children, 6 "good" electric cars for children and 2 electric cars for children were given the grade "satisfactory".

The electric cars for children manufacturer Actionbikes Motors has the most electric cars for children in the comparison table for the electric cars for children comparison with 5 products.

More information "

Which manufacturers did the editors compare and evaluate in the electric cars for children comparison?

In the electric cars for children comparison, we present 10 different products from 6 different manufacturers. Use our table to see which electric car child was able to convince the editors most. More information "

In which price category are the electric cars for children from the electric cars for children comparison?

The electric cars for children in the electric cars for children comparison can be divided into three different categories: From the most expensive product for 499.99 euros to the middle price range with 219.96 euros to the inexpensive product for 129.99 euros, we have different ones for you Electric cars selected for children. More information "

Which electric car child received the best overall customer rating?

The Mercedes-Benz GT-R from crooza not only caught the eye of our editorial team, it was also given an above-average rating of 4.6 by customers. More information "

How many electric cars for children were rated "VERY GOOD"?

In the electric cars for children comparison, the following 2 electric cars for children received the grade "VERY GOOD": Ford Ranger 2018 from Actionbikes Motors and Mercedes Benz G63 W463 from Actionbikes Motors. More information "

What other items were customers who bought an electric car child looking for?

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