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The drastic Corona measures are particularly noticeable these days. The shutdown makes many people lonely and endangers economic livelihoods. It is depressing that more than 1,300 people have already died from and with COVID-19 in Rhineland-Palatinate.

“Even if there are still tough months ahead of us, we must not allow fear to rule our lives. When pessimism becomes the guiding line, the whole of society loses, ”said Prime Minister Malu Dreyer. She thanked the people of the Rhineland-Palatinate, who made sure that people at risk get through the crisis safely and safely and who did great things to keep society going. “In the hospitals, nursing homes, health authorities and outpatient services, the employees fight around the clock to ensure that as few as possible are infected and that the sick are well cared for. In daycare centers, schools and universities, everyone is doing their best to ensure that no child or young person becomes the loser of the pandemic. Parents have to cope with work and family in difficult circumstances.

As Prime Minister, she will continue to do everything in 2021 to strengthen the health system and to support those who are hard hit by the pandemic. "The state government is using the crisis resolutely for a good future: for the best education and for a climate-neutral economy that can optimally use the opportunities of digitization and artificial intelligence in Rhineland-Palatinate," said the Prime Minister.

Especially to the many young people who feel slowed down, she said: “I am convinced that we can make 2021 a good year. Let us go into the coming months with confidence. ”The acute danger of the corona pandemic will be overcome in the next year. A vaccine that was largely developed in Mainz gives reason for hope. The vaccinations had started in the old people's and nursing homes and the vaccination centers were ready to go. Together with her husband and family, Prime Minister Malu Dreyer wished all citizens a healthy, peaceful and happy year 2021.

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