What are some good Hebrew folk songs

Diverse music from Israel

On the album "Shalom Israel" the songs can be heard in Hebrew and in German

Behind the simple cover of the CD is a colorful bouquet of successful arrangements. Producer Jochen Rieger skilfully merges different styles of music, culture and religion. A review by Stephan Mannl

The double CD entitled “Shalom - The Most Beautiful Israeli Songs in Hebrew and German” was released this year by Gerth Medien. It features 33 Israeli songs in Hebrew and German. The two soloists Kathi Arndt and Laurent Quiros as well as the “Schulte & Gerth Studiochor” and the “Vocals” group sing a large part. Jochen Rieger is in charge.

All of the music comes from Israel. It consists of Hebrew folk songs, liturgical songs and Torah texts that are set to music. The texts are clearly understandable, as the solo singing voices are always in the foreground. The pronunciation of the soloists is accent-free in both languages ​​and the CD has a very good recording quality. The volumes of the singers, instruments and percussion are well coordinated and give off a pleasant sound. Overall, the selection of songs is very varied. All emotions can be found through grief, melancholy, pain, joy and exuberance. The music, however, lacks a certain “coolness” in order to be able to inspire young listeners.

Several styles of music are combined in the songs. Israeli folk music, klezmer and pop, as well as jazz find a place. Different groups of instruments and the choir usually alternate to accompany the soloists. Overall, the arrangements sound modern and creative, which is due to the different rhythms. The choral movements are very well exposed and have exciting changes in harmony. Well-known songs such as “Hava Nagila”, “Hine Ma Tov” or “Hevenu Schalom Alechem” can be found in an original setting on the CD.

The listener is by no means bored, as he is carried through all emotional levels. The CD is surprisingly cool and varied and a very successful compilation. It also invites you to sing along.

Jochen Rieger: "Schalom - the most beautiful Israel songs in Hebrew and German", Gerth Medien, 20 euros, EAN 4029856400365